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How to make one-room apartment two-room


Very often, the owners of one-room apartments are faced with a situation where the existing space is not enough for the whole family, and the budget does not allow for more housing. In such a situation, such a design move as the division of a large space into several smaller ones will be an excellent solution. Thus, with the help of various stationary and mobile partitions, a one-room apartment is transformed into a modern two-room dwelling.

So, it was decided to turn odnushku in a two-room apartment. Your first step in this case will be the choice of the separation option. If the redevelopment process involves the demolition of the bearing walls, you will need to contact the district or city administration to agree on the conditions and procedures for redevelopment. The whole process of obtaining permission will take about 1.5 months.

Legal liability for failure to comply with these requirements and unauthorized demolition of the walls will result in a fine. Its size is not so noticeable - from 2 to 2.5 thousand, however, expenses for the restoration of the apartment’s initial condition can be added up to the initial odnushki Therefore, it is necessary to legalize the layout on time.

Basic redevelopment options

Plasterboard partition

One of the easiest and affordable ways to reorganize odnushki is the construction of a plasterboard partition in your chosen place. The installation of such a wall is quite simple: on the metal guides attached to the wall, there are sheets of drywall installed, inside which are placed electrical wiring and soundproof material. Of course, this method is not perfect and has both undoubted advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of plasterboard walls:

  • short duration and ease of installation;
  • no need for shtenbing walls for wiring;
  • the process is fairly clean and leaves no dirt and debris;
  • minimum financial and physical costs;
  • partitions do not need to be further processed before finishing;
  • positive fire resistant material characteristics.

Cons of drywall partitions:

  • The material is characterized by high brittleness, as compared with capital wooden and brick walls, has insufficient strength - you cannot hang heavy cabinets and shelves on such a wall, it can only withstand a painting, a decorative shelf weighing up to 15 kg.
  • drywall is not waterproof enough, so in case of a serious flooding of your neighbors from above, the construction will be irretrievably destroyed.

In a normal one-room apartment, when dividing a room into two rooms, you will have to choose which zone will have a window. Since erecting a wall in a single room along the room, and partitioning the window into two parts will not look at all aesthetically pleasing, and turn the reconfigurable rooms into two long corridors, you will have to make a transverse partition. That is, one room will lose a source of natural light. However, to visually soften the lack of a window is possible with various design techniques:

  • installation false;
  • instead of the missing window, you can hang a bright, eye-catching picture or wallpaper of small size;
  • In front of the entrance to such a room, you need to hang a mirror and put objects with a reflective surface; when the light penetrates into the room at least a little, it will be scattered with the help of reflections;
  • in a single copy, the stationary light source will give the room a cave effect. Replace it with a few soft, diffuse light, table lamps and floor lamps;
  • Put green plants in the room. To maintain their livelihoods in dark rooms, there are special lighting fixtures, the soft diffusing light of which will also add naturalness.

Zoning using the number of floors

Old apartments with high ceilings, which have the name "stalinki", to this day are in the status of luxury housing. You can turn a one-room stalk into a two-room apartment with the help of an original solution - the construction of the second floor.

In the apartment, where the ceiling height reaches 4 meters, a solid construction with a staircase is erected. On such a platform a children's room or a bedroom will be successfully located. The main space of the ground floor can be used as a living room.

There is a small nuance here - it will be necessary to install high-quality ventilation in the room, since on the second floor there will always be much hotter and less air than below.
Undoubtedly, such a decision design and re-home, will cause the approval and admiration of your guests.

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