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The spectacular finish of the corridor wallpaper (64 photos)


Almost all of us, sooner or later, begin to carry out repairs in our apartment. We do not deprive with such attention and the corridor of the apartment. However, not everyone knows how to properly repair the hallway. After all, you need to take into account the huge variety of different parameters, especially if we are talking about a complete styling of the room.






And today we will share with you the main secrets of the repairs in the corridor of your apartment. In particular, we will tell you everything you need to know about the choice of wallpaper, their use and design possibilities. After all, wallpaper is the most popular finishing option because of its qualities.






Wallpaper - what they are

If earlier the choice of wallpaper was extremely modest, then today it has become truly impressive. After all, you can choose not only the model of wallpaper and their material, but also a huge range of colors. However, in the corridor, not all the wallpaper will look good, because the room is quite harsh. In the sense that it is there that large differences in temperature, humidity occur, pollution periodically occurs, and sometimes close interaction with the walls.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account not only the above parameters, but also not to forget that it is necessary to create high-quality interior design that will harmonize perfectly with the overall style of the apartment. This is what should pay more attention. So, what options are worth considering:

  • Wallpaper for painting.
  • Bamboo wallpaper.
  • Liquid wallpaper.
  • Using photo wallpapers.
  • Combining wallpaper with panels.
  • The combination of wallpaper with a decorative stone.
  • Wallpaper for drawing.

Perhaps, here are the most popular today options for using wallpaper in the design of the corridor. You just have to study the positive and negative sides of each of them, and then make a choice. The main thing to remember is that not only the quality and reliability of the material is important, but also the harmonious combination with the other design and interior of your apartment. After all, the corridor is an intermediary between all the other rooms and it is very important that it clearly performs this function.






Wallpaper for painting

One of the easiest options to create almost any picture of the interior is to use wallpaper for painting. Such a decision is not only sufficiently simple to implement, but also one of the most budget. So if you started repairs in the corridor, then this approach is definitely worth considering. Moreover, a fairly wide choice of the final design of such wallpaper allows you to realize almost any interior.

In total there are three common types of wallpaper designed for painting - paper, non-woven and glass wall. Each of them has its own unique manufacturing technology. As a result, each type of wallpaper has its own advantages and disadvantages.










Bamboo wallpaper

In the harsh realities of the life of a big city, natural materials, in particular bamboo wallpapers, are becoming increasingly popular. After all, thanks to its naturalness, they are not only safe in their structure, but also fit perfectly into any sophisticated interior. A large selection of such wallpapers will allow you to easily select them based on your own preferences.






Not many have heard of such a thing as liquid wallpaper. Recently, however, they are gaining their popularity. After all, thanks to its extremely unusual technology of production and application, it is possible to glue liquid wallpaper, even in the most inaccessible places. And the unusual design of such wallpaper gives you a great opportunity to realize your creative potential.

They have a lot of advantages. First, it is high antistatic properties. Secondly, liquid wallpaper does not contribute to the collection of dust, which will have a very positive effect on the health of any person. Thirdly, they have no seams, which allows you to create a truly unique interior. And among other things, they perfectly hide all the flaws of the walls. They have good thermal insulation and sound insulation properties.

The process of applying such wallpaper is quite simple. The only thing before starting the process of the wall must be well primed. Otherwise, there is nothing difficult in applying liquid wallpaper.
As for the prices of such wallpapers, they are quite wide. It all depends on the structure of the wallpaper itself. The color gamut and texture of the liquid wallpaper is also quite diverse. That allows them to easily fit into any corridor interior you create.

Using photo wallpapers

Classic wallpaper is not the most popular option, because their use is already rather fed up. But the wallpaper is a great solution for creating a good interior design. Moreover, in our case of repair and decoration of the corridor, they can be used both on the entire wall and combined with other finishing options.

The name, like most other wallpapers, is speaking here. And this means that the choice of photo wallpaper is quite wide. Moreover, it is these wallpapers that can be made to order. This is a definite plus, especially if you spend the full decoration of the room.

The way of pasting photo wallpapers is no different from the classic case. That's just the process is complicated by the fact that for high-quality repair it is necessary to observe the utmost precision, otherwise you will create flaws in the photo wallpaper. The price category of such photo wallpapers is also different, for the most part it depends on the texture and material of the wallpaper itself, as well as on the fact whether you buy them or make them to order.

Often, just carrying out repairs in the corridor, they combine various techniques and materials. One striking example is such a combination of wallpaper and various panels. This approach is not suitable for everyone, for example, if you design your corridor in the style of minimalism, the combination will be extremely inappropriate. But in the case of the classical style it is used very often. Even if you do not strive for a complete styling of the room, this approach will allow you to create a rather original design of your corridor.




As in the previous case, wall decoration with decorative stone is used, most often, in combination with other types of decoration, in particular with wallpaper. This approach allows you to create a truly unique interior or a very original styling of the entire corridor. Moreover, the decorative stone is quite cheap, but at the same time it is able to give your corridor a special look.






To carry out finishing with a decorative stone of work will not make. The main thing is to choose all the materials and, directly, to carry out finishing work. With proper approach, decoration with a decorative stone in combination with wallpaper in the corridor will serve you faithfully for many years.

We should also note the special wallpaper for drawing. They are very similar to wallpaper for painting, but unlike them, they are meant for drawing with various graphic tools. This solution is often used in the corridors where there are small children. After all, not every apartment in a child has a separate room, and every child needs to realize their creative potential.



One of the main advantages of wallpaper for drawing - their easy replacement. That allows you to periodically update your corridor, without a huge repair, and give new space to young artists. Although not necessarily young - if you love and are able to draw, you can safely take on the most adventurous work, thereby not only satisfying your creative hunger, but also giving your corridor a certain charm.

To glue such wallpapers on the whole wall does not make much sense, unless you are not an artist yourself. And in the case of children, it is enough to do with a third part of the wall or half. The upper part can be pasted over with classic wallpaper. The main thing is to select light tones with bright inserts, for complete harmony with the future painted bottom of your wall.