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Furniture transformer for a small apartment (53 photos)


Furniture-transformer is a real find not only for owners of small apartments, but also for people who highly appreciate comfort and full functionality in a furniture setting. It is difficult to say with 100% certainty when and who came up with this greatest invention of mankind. According to some sources, it was Germany that became the country where the first transforming bed with a built-in drawer for underwear appeared. Then in England there were dressers, turning into suitcases. Soviet times introduced us to the table-book and chair-bed.




At that time, the main advantage of such furniture was to save space and multi-functionality. At the moment, the functionality of transformers has remained almost unchanged. Mostly furniture is used in small apartments in order to free up more space for comfortable living and recreation for all family members.

But not for all the transformer is a severe necessity. In our time, the universal and universal on the one hand association, and on the other hand the division, changing the form of furniture has acquired a new life. Modern technologies, which eagerly want to automate everything, have transformed transforming furniture from necessity to luxury. For example, when using the remote control you can make a bar table or a TV out of bed.




At the moment, the furniture being transformed has become quite an actual trend for all well-known furniture manufacturers, which is absolutely not surprising, because apart from owners of small apartments, fans of minimalism and full functionalism are interested in it.

Modern furniture-transformer is of different types:

  • Furniture that changes its size
  • Multifunctional furniture, which with the help of simple physical manipulation changes its function.
  • Vanishing furniture.




All parents want their child to have furniture that is appropriate for his age. But children grow up so fast. So, you have to change it quite often. And it takes a lot of time, money and free space. But there is a way out. In such a situation is useful furniture-transformer, which can serve the child almost from birth to the school itself. The simplest example of such furniture is a highchair. From 6 months it is used as a table for a child’s meal, then it can be used as a table and chair. Scarce will be able to draw on it, play and take care of their children's affairs. And even write your first letters or numbers. This versatile high chair will grow with your baby.










The most popular furniture changing its shape is a wardrobe transforming into a bed. The design appears only when necessary, for example, at the time of sleep. At other times, it may be disguised as a cabinet or nightstand. And modern technology has helped to make invisible beds appear from under the ceiling. All you need is a remote control for control and a special trigger. The design in the form of a transforming cabinet, which allows to save a huge living space for hanging out the whole family, was loved by many.




The second most popular variant of the cabinet-transformer is the cabinet, which changes its internal content. For example, today is a warehouse for children's toys, and tomorrow - this cabinet can become a repository of books, CDs or other equally useful things in everyday life. The secret of such an uncomplicated design lies in the shelves-transformers, which can be inserted, removed, change their location and distance from each other. Similarly, the remaining elements of such furniture can be transformed. And the most interesting is that the cabinet can even change its appearance. If necessary, the structure is folded "into itself", while freeing up a lot of free space.

A good half of humanity, in most cases, of course, are women who have ever dreamed of how their cabinets “grow”, in the full sense of the word. Otherwise, where to put all new and new arrivals of clothes. However, the dream of the fair sex has come true, because modern transformer cabinets, like a fan, can move apart in breadth, providing free space for a new wardrobe.










The bed is a necessary part of the furniture. But the dimensions of the apartment do not always allow each member of the family to provide a separate place to sleep. In this situation, there is a way out - this is a transforming sofa. Modern furniture market offers models of sofas, which, if necessary, turn into luxurious 2-meter beds. Some models can transform into 2 bunk beds. Almost all transforming sofas are equipped with drawers for linen, so we can say that this is already a sofa bed-wardrobe.




Transforming tables

Transforming tables are very famous for their hospitality and cordiality. Models of such tables can change the dimensions of the tabletop, because the whole family cannot fit at a small table. And even more so if guests are invited as well. For holidays, you need a large, wide table that can be set up on a large scale and which will be convenient for all invited guests. But on weekdays such a ground for feasts is not needed at all, it will only occupy free space. The compact kitchen table can be displayed from 20 cm in length to 1 m and more.

There are special models of kitchen tables that can be quietly disguised as a coffee table. If necessary, with a single movement of the hand, you can change its previous purpose. There are also invisible tables, which can hardly be declassified. Only the owner, if necessary, can open a dining table hidden in the built-in kitchen furniture.

And some manufacturers even produce tables, unfolded, designed for a variety of fun. For example, in everyday life, an ordinary coffee table can turn into a table for billiards, tennis or other games. That is, you can first have dinner and then play. Or vice versa.

There are also models that are not created for fun, but for workflow, when the table turns into an easel or a board for drawings. And for sewing needlewomen a sewing machine was invented, which at the right time can become a pedestal table.










For people working at home, there is furniture that can be folded compactly after a busy day, for example, in a small bedside table.

Choosing such furniture in the apartment you need to check whether the mechanism is working. Considering that you constantly have to fold and fold the structure, the main attention should be paid to the mechanism being also reliable, because each of us wants all the selected equipment and furniture to serve as long as possible. For the rest, be guided by your taste preferences, and, of course, be guided by your financial capabilities.

As you can see, modern furniture-transformer is capable of much. She is able to satisfy any desires and secret needs of each family member, even if you are the owner of the smallest apartment in the world.