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How to choose the best dome hood for the kitchen (18 photos)


Undoubtedly, every kitchen needs high-quality and reliable ventilation. For this purpose, a dome hood is used, which helps keep the kitchen air clean, fresh and odorless. It is called a dome because of its shape, which resembles a small dome, which is usually mounted above the stove so that smells immediately evaporate without a trace. The article will look at the features of dome hoods, their advantages, features of this design and how to choose it.

Dome hood - a device for domestic use, designed to filter the air in the kitchen. Kitchen hood perfectly removes particles of dust, dirt, burning, excess moisture, odors from the air. The oblique shape in the form of a dome is capable of reliably trapping fumes and odors. Embedded hoods remove all unnecessary particles of dirt and burning outside the room.



Consider the main types of dome hoods.

Hoods differ in how they are installed:

  • Chimney. Similar to the device with fireplace ventilation. Usually mounted on the wall above the stove.
  • Corner. There are quite rare, in our country are unpopular. The corner hood is designed to filter the air above the stove, located in the corner. Their height can vary, it can be both domed and flat.
  • Island Extracts of this type can be installed only in spacious kitchens, where there is an opportunity to make an island in the middle with a stove. This kitchen hood is often equipped with special splash proof glass.
  • Embedded. This dome hood is originally built into a set of kitchen furniture. Comfortable, harmonious look in the interior. But the cost of a kitchen set becomes much more expensive.





How to choose a hood for the kitchen, given their differences in the material from which they are made. Nuances:

  • Stainless steel. Excellent material, reliable and durable. A model made of it can be domed, flat and inclined.
  • Steel coated with white or colored enamel. Such a model can be chosen for the kitchen of any style and interior direction. Can be painted in different colors. For example, the white model looks harmoniously in almost any space.
  • Steel, painted with special powder. More expensive kitchen hood than enameled model. But it looks more noble and elegant. The best models are painted in this way. The latest fashion is classic kitchen interiors and black hoods in them.
  • Plastic. Modern types of plastic can successfully replace even steel models in the interior. Especially if they are combined with glass.
  • Tree. It makes sense to choose only if the kitchen is sustained in a certain style direction. Where many natural wood is used, for example, in a rustic style or a chalet. There are even kitchens with a stove decorated with wood.
  • Combined. Devices of this type use combinations of various materials - steel and wood, plastic and steel, etc.




By way of work

How do dome hoods differ in the method of purification:

  • With external air vent. Take the polluted air outside the apartment, to the street. Such a parameter as the height of the structure, here is of great importance.
  • Circulating. In this case, the hood over the stove - even angular, even island - cleans the kitchen air, passing it through a special filter.
  • Mixed. Able to both remove air outside, and pass through the filter. Such kitchen hoods are usually more expensive, but they clean up better. And covered with glass, they will be reliably protected from splashes and soot. Therefore, if you choose this option, it may be the best solution.




How to choose

Consider the main points to consider when buying a dome hood:

  • The most popular and suitable in most cases form is the fireplace type. We can observe them above the stove in most kitchens.
  • Make sure your exhaust hood is equipped with an air vent. Its presence ensures a constant flow of fresh air from the street, which will replace the old, "used".
  • The most durable and reliable are stainless steel kitchen hoods. This material is able to withstand all the splashes, drops, hot steam that emanate from the cooking dishes. However, the color of such a model in any interior can be only one - the color of stainless steel. But now kitchen hoods with glass are being produced, which are also reliably protected from splashes and drops.
  • If you choose a color model, it is better to choose a model that is painted by powder, rather than enamel. This coloring method is more reliable.
  • Try to choose such a model so that its style matches the overall style of the kitchen. Its height and other parameters should also blend in harmoniously with the interior.

Important parameters:

  • Performance. This is perhaps the most important nuance that is worth paying initial attention. Performance depends on the rate of how the device is able to pump a cubic meter of air per hour, passing it through itself. The optimal indicator is 200-250 units. For the model working with the filter, this is the most suitable indicator. If the duct is external, then you should choose a model with a capacity of at least 300 units.
  • If the kitchen is small in size, its height is small, and the family is small, then it is quite possible to do with a single-motor type device. The corner hood may well be single-motor too. If you have to cook often and a large kitchen, then a more powerful, twin-engine unit is required.
  • If there is a lack of air in the kitchen - and in the presence of plastic, tight-fitting windows, this is always the case, it is better to install a model with an external air duct. This will provide fresh air to the kitchen.
  • As for the filters, they can be of two types: carbon disposable and long-term fat-absorbing. Disposable filters are made from carbon fiber, specially treated. They perfectly catch the smell, fumes, smoke and other small suspended from the air. Requires regular replacement. Replacement is required when the filter is already full and not able to do its job well. Long-term fat-absorbing filters made of metal, serve for a long time, but sometimes require washing. But covered with glass, they will not need washing too often. The best option if the hood will be able to install filters of both types. In this case, the best air filtration in the interior of your kitchen will be provided.