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Empire style in the interior of the apartment (20 photos): beautiful colors and design


Empire style in the interior appeared in the era of the reign of Napoleon and the military campaigns of that time had a strong influence on him. Empire, like the Baroque - is architecture, features and decorative elements of different countries, collected in one stylistic decision.



The main features of the Empire style

  • all the elements in the interior of the kitchen, living room, etc., are strictly combined with the steadfastness of imperial greatness;
  • exquisite and rich design necessarily provides for a solemn ceremonial (again, with a clear balance and symmetry);
  • a huge number of Egyptian, Roman and ancient Greek decor items;
  • the presence of military and coat of arms attributes (but it should be borne in mind that these items are not appropriate everywhere: for the kitchen, for example, they should not be used);
  • saturated and bright colors in the decoration of the whole apartment: the floor, walls and ceiling of the rooms;
  • the use of solid furniture with a unique decor of precious wood.

Important: Empire, Baroque and Gothic are considered to be "related" areas of style, so they are often intertwined in modern interiors. This is considered to be quite normal.



Features and nuances


As a rule, the Empire style in the interior is the walls with the presence of bright silk fabric that frames the entire wall surface. In this case, used textile or imitating this effect wallpaper.




The Empire style in the interior provides for the finishing of the floor, for example, an unusual floorboard, and artistic parquet made of several and necessarily expensive wood species is considered the most advantageous solution. If the floor is monotonous, then it should ideally complement the design and colors of furniture upholstery.

For the design of the bedroom, living room or kitchen in the Empire style, you can use a natural carpet with a small pile. In addition, the effect of the marble floor does not look bad in this case either.




If we talk about furniture, then the Empire style in the interior is simply impossible without massive pieces of furniture with polished smooth surfaces, bronze reliefs and decorative elements in the form of columns, lion paws and unusual cornices. The best for the design of this interior are suitable "hard" furniture items such as, for example, bedside tables in the form of tripods, carved benches for the kitchen, etc. Furniture upholstery should be with gold accents or made of silk.



Decorative items

The central place in the interior of the Empire style is occupied by silver baskets for fruit or a vase for sweets, marble caskets, porcelain tableware sets, collectible figurines and crystal.

To emphasize the design in the Empire style (bedroom or living room), you can use paintings and candelabra stylized as the nineteenth century (urban motifs, portraits of the time and other antique themes).



Useful tips and tricks

  1. The interior of an apartment or house in the Empire style, as mentioned earlier, is the solemn decoration of the living room, bedroom and other rooms, rigor and symmetry. Through numerous symbols and attributes, the Empire style design demonstrated imperial majesty and power. That is why many designers believe that this design option is most suitable for country houses, as it creates a truly palace interior.

    It is also possible to create an Empire style in apartments, provided that they have a sufficiently large area and height of ceilings. Otherwise, to transfer the "imperial scope" and recreate the "majestic" design of that time will not work.

  2. Modern Empire embodies a classicism, that is, the correct form and a clear layout. Here, a rayon or centric composition looks very stylish - objects flowing from one to another.
  3. To enhance the effect of the imperial style, you can complement the interior of the bedroom or kitchen with the warlike spirit of that era: torches, laurel wreaths and all sorts of weapons. Egyptian motifs such as sphinxes, pyramids and, of course, hieroglyphs will look no less original.

    Another stylish addition to the modern style of the Empire style is the Renaissance frescoes, pompous paintings, Greek or Roman bedroom decorations, Etruscan vases and consonant ornaments of bronze products, as well as empire furniture, styled as a decoration of the situation in the ancient Roman home.

  4. A good addition to this design of the premises will be the fireplace. It can be completely marble, or it can only be partially inlaid with natural stone. The main condition, as well as for any interior directional baroque - antiquity and severity. It is possible to decorate a fireplace with the image of eagles, sphinxes or lions. The choice is wide enough.
  5. And, of course, the main highlight of the Empire style is a large number of mirrors. They are hung everywhere: between the windows of the bedroom, above the bed, the doors in the living room, the fireplace and even in some cases on the floor between the furniture legs.
  6. To the note: in the epoch of Napoleon, a whole illusionary world in the baroque style could be folded from mirrors.

  7. Particular attention when creating the interior of the Empire style should be paid to the bed. At that time, even the simplest of them were distinguished by severity and grandeur. The bed, topped with a lush canopy, towered on a huge mahogany pedestal. Placed the bed along the wall of the bedroom, and not perpendicular to it, as is customary now. The bed was normal for us. Instead, flattened cubes or balls were used.

An empire bed is a kind of majestic pedestal that elevates its owner above the rest of the world!

All the above recommendations are suitable for the design of all rooms of the apartment: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and even a study.