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Interior in fusion style (19 photos): beautiful examples


Eclectic or fusion style in the interior is a combination of different cultures and trends. Such a design of the premises acquired in the distant 90s. But here it is important not to cross that line when an exquisite interior turns into a tasteless collection of objects from any styles, times, etc.

  1. To collectors. Any antique item such a design "will find" its place. So it will be the perfect option for those who love to collect antique items and is a passionate fan of auctions.
  2. Experimenters. Due to successful improvisations, you can combine style elements to finally get your unique style.
  3. Travelers. Souvenirs and unusual items from a variety of countries, if you correctly "fit" them into the interior, are perfectly combined with both old-fashioned and modern furniture.
  4. A family of several people who belong to different generations. The design in fusion style allows you to choose the most optimal combination of different stylistic solutions, even within the same room - any family member will arrange a cozy corner for themselves without any problems.



Fusion Design Basics

The main components in this case are:

  1. Colour;
  2. texture;
  3. materials (tile, wood, etc.)




Making a fusion style bedroom requires a special approach. Designers advise to use for this pure white color and complement it with several contrasting shades.

Important: fusion in the interior of the bedroom allows you to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, which is very important for any rest room.

There is also a fireplace here. And it does not matter if it is electric or it works on wood. As its frame, suitable, for example, a tile of light tones.

Living room

Living room - this is perhaps the most successful room in the house, which can be decorated in the style of fusion, thus emphasizing the uniqueness of his apartment. In this case, different surfaces are characteristic: protruding and not always flat surfaces on the ceiling, tiles on the walls and on the living room floor, which helps not only to give the room a special look, but also to hide any weaknesses in the room from outside eyes.

Not less popular is the design of the walls in the living room of various types and properties of finishing materials: for example, one wall is made of cut stone, on the other there is facing tile, decorative panels or wallpaper.

If conditions and finances permit, unique exotic plants can be placed in the living room. This will give a special touch to a fusion-style room.




The fusion style kitchen is a design with the presence of contrasting colors in the design of the walls, floor and ceiling. A prerequisite is the use of pottery, plastic or glass ware, as well as pots with indoor vegetables and flowers on window sills. You can complement the interior of the fusion-style kitchen by installing an original illuminated bar counter that will make the atmosphere in the room warm and magical.




And again all the same style elements as in the design of other parts of the apartment in the fusion style: the presence of white, the contrast of colors and the design of the walls of different materials: tile, wood or stone. But, at the same time, the design of the study (unlike the same living room) should be more ascetic in order not to distract the owner from work. Only all the most necessary. Some items of antiquity in the interior are also permissible, but multi-level surfaces (as a rule, they equip an office from a small room) will be superfluous.


The ideal solution for fusion style is a complete rejection of the use of multi-track chandeliers in rooms, be it a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Instead, it is better to choose a spotlight, which will allow you to create a unique design in the room with the effect of a small show, where there is a place for mysterious and pretentious notes. In addition, you can place several original fixtures right on the floor.

One of the main components of this direction is the presence of a large area in the apartment and the combination of white planes with daylight. If we talk in more detail about the materials, then, in addition to natural ones, attention should also be paid to:

  • "Peasant" version of the design of the living room, bedroom, etc. - composition of log walls and classic furniture.
  • Gold or silver design elements (for example, ceiling tiles). They will look very profitable against the backdrop of spruce balusters.
  • The original fireplace combined with spectacular drapery of the walls, which will give the room a little cozy charm.

A few more useful tips for connoisseurs of fusion

To create a harmonious and unique interior in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, several important rules must be observed:

  • One of the worst mistakes in this case is the clutter of space. All design elements should emphasize and shade each other (tiles on the walls, suitable in color to the upholstery of furniture, etc.). Do not get involved and the desire to shock guests.
  • A complete and stylish “picture” can be created not so much with the help of creative imagination and reckless courage, but with good taste.
  • In addition, the chaotic design of the premises is completely unacceptable.