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Gothic style in the interior of rooms (20 photos)


In comparison with others, the Gothic style in the interior is distinguished by originality and attractive aura of mystery and magic. Most often, the rooms in this style are designed either in the historical version of the mysterious Middle Ages, or referring to the era of Queen Victoria with her romance of black witchcraft and accentuated gloomy charm.



Features interior "Gothic"

The exact embodiment of the castle and the mansions of the Victorian era in a modern interior is associated with a sufficient number of difficulties, since the "past" is often a great pleasure. More often games with a goth are successful in spacious high rooms. But with a creative approach to decorating, arranging color accents, accessories, the Gothic design of an apartment or a room is capable of amazingly “playing” in small spaces.



Windows, doors and arches

Windows, arches, door portals play a significant role if they create a Gothic style in the interior of the room. The main goal is not at all the costly transformation of the whole apartment into a castle, but a maximum approximation to the medieval or English neo-gothic direction. This is quite capable, if skillfully applied modern materials.

The Gothic effect of the Middle Ages is obtained by framing door portals and window openings with a living stone.

Very harmonious in the "castle" style arches of various shapes, decorated with wooden carved panels or again - with stone. The design provides for “lancet” narrow windows with a stained glass window without curtains.

The windows in stained glass made of colored convex glass framed with lead tape look incredibly and fascinating, as was done in the old days. The light, breaking through them, creates a fabulous rainbow glare, filling the space with an eternal sensation of joy, even if the rooms are decorated in black, typical of the neo-Gothic of England.

Decor will look different if the room is decorated with the atmosphere of "dark Victorian romance" and magic - on the elongated arched windows they use a trellised, so-called Tudor layout and thick curtains of heavy expensive fabrics with lush artful drapery, tassels, fringe or braid .



Walls and ceilings

Modern antique design provides for the construction of ceilings with open rafters, if the height of the room allows, or wooden beams that please the eye even in low rooms.

Decorative paintings on the ceiling are possible for both versions of the Gothic design. Convex stucco, cast details - a typical decor variant of neogothic.




A fascinating and highly visible detail of an apartment decorated in the Gothic style of any era - a fireplace decorated with shelves on which copper and bronze dishes and kitchen utensils are placed. Or, if Victorian design is “created”, twisted luxurious candelabra, mantel clocks, porcelain figurines are set.

Harmony and integrity will reign in space, if you pay special attention to the selection of furniture. In Gothic, it stands out primarily for its massiveness. If the apartment is “built a castle”, the furniture contours can be simple, and the decor is coarse. Or, on the contrary, when preference is given to the Victorian Gothic, the design is usually whimsical, complex with exquisite details. Carved high cupboards, paneled double wardrobes, luxurious headboards, high chair backs are appropriate here.





Modern Gothic style will transform any space, if the design of the apartment includes stained glass inserts with traditional for the Middle Ages or neo-Gothic colors and patterns. They are successfully used not only on windows, but also on closed walls, using interior lighting, in the design of wardrobes and doors.

The Victorian Gothic style assumes an abundance of accessories when decorative items of the “past days” made of metal and wood, carved mantels, figurines in the form of scary gargoyles and magical attributes in the form of crystal balls, fancy lamps give the room a special charm.

Small and huge mirrors in luxurious frames, similar to paintings, stone ashtrays, decor items made of bronze and silver, wonderful jewelry boxes, puffs are organic.