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Egyptian style in a modern interior (20 photos)


Egyptian style in the interior is the luxury and grandeur of the pharaoh's possessions, the mysteriousness of the ancient civilization. This design shows a unique culture that delights thousands of years later with its uniqueness, talent and skill. Egyptian style is replete with peculiar to him only ornaments and hieroglyphs. Warm shades characteristic of a sunny country envelop the interior of the apartment and fill it with comfort.

The main features of the Egyptian style - luxury and wealth, because to know Ancient Egypt lived in prosperity and abundance. In their houses, the floors were made of natural stone, so tile that imitates this material is most suitable for furnishing the interior of a modern apartment. It is also appropriate tile golden or silver color. To increase the level of comfort on the floor, you can lay a carpet with an Egyptian pattern, a rattan mat, animal skins.




Doors and windows

Apartment windows issue curtains. They can be monophonic or with the image of hieroglyphs. Hang curtains on carved cornices. For the Egyptian style is characterized by massive doors made of wood. The shape of the doorway can be made in the form of an arch. The same form is valid for window frames. Egyptian design assumes the predominance of rounded smooth shapes.



Furniture and decor

Furniture first of all should differ in convenience. In the Egyptian interior most often you can see massive ebony beds. Instead of wardrobes, you must use chests, caskets and boxes, inlaid with ivory, malachite and turquoise. The design is characterized by stools with low legs. Often the legs of furniture are made in the form of animal paws, which are carved from elephant tusks. Since the design should sparkle with luxury, why not afford a table with two leopards playing the role of legs. Armchairs and sofas should have wide armrests, high headboard. Cabinets and shelves with simple shapes are ideal for the Egyptian style.



The color of the furniture can be both dark and light, but always from natural wood. As a decor you can use such items:

  • multi-colored glass murals;
  • paintings depicting the life of the Egyptians;
  • figurines of black cats, sphinxes, pyramids;
  • tall floor vases with reed or papyrus stems;
  • paintings on papyrus;
  • busts of Egyptian queens, pharaohs;
  • hookah;
  • carved and inlaid furniture.





Since the Egyptian style originated at a time when synthetic materials were not used, they should also be absent in the modern interior. Use only natural fabrics to enrich the home - cotton, linen, wool. All textile accessories - pillows, curtains, bedspreads should be made of these fabrics.

On windows it is necessary to use curtains of brown, sand, beige color. Monophonic or embroidered with golden threads. A suitable pattern for curtains - floral or geometric. Over the bed, you can install a canopy.