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Hunting style in the interior (17 photos): furniture, lamps and other decor


Hunting style - one of the most distinctive and cozy interior design. Modern apartments and houses have lost their individuality. They are filled with glass, metal, modern technology, but they have no soul. A small house or room, decorated in a hunting style, will become an indispensable place to relax after work. Design, using natural materials and warm colors, gives a feeling of peace. House in the hunting style - a sample of comfortable and reliable housing. It differs unpretentious interior, while looking very solid.



The living room, dining room and study are traditional rooms for interior decoration in a hunting style. Proponents of uniformity use this design for the whole house. The main thing is not to deviate from the rule - the room should not contain anything extra. The project should be created with a clearly thought-out number of objects in the interior. When you design the whole house in the same style, first developed a general structure of the layout. With the help of furniture, zones are formed and final details are brought into the decor.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen design in the style of a hunting lodge should be created using coarse shapes. It gives color and individuality. Choosing furniture for the kitchen, you must give preference to a wooden headset. Facades are made of solid wood or unpainted boards. Furniture should be a natural shade. For the kitchen is suitable wicker furniture or furniture with leather upholstery. The main thing - comfort and full use of space. The table top is selected on the basis of the overall color of the furniture, but always stone. No plastic. Metal parts must be bronze or copper. These shades are best combined with the color of natural wood. Choosing lamps, preference is given to forged products.

For the kitchen pick up a set of a dining table and chairs. It is made of solid, optionally using leather elements and hand carving. If it is intended to combine the kitchen with the dining room, then the interior can be varied with a beautiful carpet or animal skins. Curtains pick up the color of the interior.



Living room design

The living room is one of the most public places in the house. This is the room in which the whole family gathers in the evening, where they invite friends, or simply settle down for rest. The interior design of the living room requires a fireplace. It is difficult to imagine a hunting lodge without this element. Above the fireplace you can place a shelf with trophies or a deer's head. Upholstered furniture is best to choose from leather. Lighting should be warm tint. If you do not have enough central light, then you can add wall lamps made of metal to the chandelier. Curtains use tapestry or from dense monophonic fabric.



Bedroom design

Bedroom - one of the most difficult rooms for design. Hunting style does not provide for a large number of cabinets and chest of drawers. Therefore, the storage of things here will be inappropriate. The bedroom is a resting place. In the center of the room is a bed made of natural wood. It is decorated with columns and canopy. A lot of pillows and a large beautiful blanket add a special comfort inherent in this style.

This room should not be brightly lit. The bedroom is characterized by twilight. Let the lamps be only wall. The bedroom in the hunting style does not tolerate bright colors. Shades should be warm, nice looking. A small amount of floral ornament is acceptable. These can be pillowcases on pillows or curtains. The bedroom in hunting style attracts attention with its simplicity. Using various accessories and details, it can be turned into a cozy recreation area.



Guest room design

If the hunting lodge is spacious, then it provides a room for guests. Its design is similar to the design of the bedroom. Guest room does not require a lot of things, let the design be concise. Use rough, untreated furniture, checkered curtains, place in the corner a rocking chair. Replace standard lamps with a floor lamp and candle-shaped lamp.

House in the hunting style - a godsend for the modern man. This is true not only for lovers of fishing or outdoor recreation. The hunting style will suit those people for whom comfort is dear and who knows the value of tradition.