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Black toilet in the interior - a new look at plumbing (20 photos)


Sanitary ware market offers a lot of options for non-trivial solutions for bathroom design. One of them is a black toilet in the interior, capable of striking guests at home. Despite the fact that it is a classic color for a wide variety of design projects, it is used extremely rarely in the bathroom and bathroom. This has its own explanation, but the fact remains: a black toilet is a great option for an exclusive interior. Complete with a microlift of the same color, it will create a feeling of luxury, and, in combination with properly selected ceramics, will be able to impress all households throughout the entire life cycle.



The benefits of a black toilet bowl

This sanitary ware cannot be called universal, in contrast to white toilet bowls, black cannot be put in any bathroom. Despite this, this solution has many advantages:

  • colorful color solution for the interior;
  • fits perfectly into a room designed in an art-deco or high-tech style;
  • black color will add to the interior elegance and drama;
  • sanitary ware of this color is not produced in large volume and there are practically no counterfeit products on the market;
  • affordable price with an impressive effect.

Properly selected wall and floor tiles can enhance the aesthetic impact of a black toilet bowl on others.

In developing the design of the toilet, do not forget that the toilet is in constant contact with water. In our water pipes, its quality is far from ideal, and only distilled water is absolutely pure. Even the highest quality drinking water, supplied in glass bottles from the Italian Alps, is composed of impurities. Drying, they are brightly shown on a black background in the form of white and gray spots. What can we say about the ordinary city water supply!

For this reason, it is worth remembering that the toilet with a black toilet will have to be cleaned daily using household chemicals. After removing the plaque, it will be necessary to take care that there would be no divorces on the sanitary ware. After the main cleaning, it is necessary to again take into the hands means based on ammonia and special rags for restoring the final order. In addition, on a black background, dust is perfectly visible, even the smallest and inconspicuous. You will have to fight it as thoroughly as you would with a touch - and this requires a lot of hard work and time.



What are black toilets?

Potential buyers can get a black toilet monoblock, which attracts with its practicality, ease of installation and maintenance. Such products are produced by many Italian, Spanish, Portuguese companies that produce plumbing. You can purchase a model with a microlift of black color, which will be relevant both in families with small children, and for those property owners who care for plumbing.

Fans of modern technology can order a hanging black toilet with an installation system and fittings that provide an economical water flow. It will make the design of the toilet even more refined and luxurious.

When developing the design of the toilet, in which it is planned to install a black toilet bowl, it is necessary to take a balanced approach to the choice of colors for the walls, floor and ceiling. It is difficult to call at least one of the options win-win. Black walls create a ceiling and floor in good light is not the darkest feeling. This solution can be called exclusive and should be prepared for it. Of course, you can choose a tile under the black skin or the ceiling in the form of a starry night sky, but still a similar design - for the elect.




The black toilet bowls fit perfectly into the interior of the room, the walls of which are made in beige, gray or white. Contrast solutions always attract with their excellent dynamics, for example, it is quite possible to choose a white or gray microlift to a black toilet. Contrast color with plumbing can have only one wall of the toilet. It is possible to leave the walls black and make the floor light gray or beige. Black plumbing will look spectacular against a white tile, this is a great solution for those who are developing an original bathroom design.

Black toilet looks great on a sandy background, it allows you to install it in the toilet or bathroom, decorated with travertine or beige marble. Today ceramic tile under sandstone or coquina of beige color is very popular. These will be stylish combinations with black bathroom fixtures.




Adding luxury to a black dominated interior is quite simple. Nickel-plated, chrome-plated, gold-plated or silver decorative elements are in perfect harmony with black. Various holders of towels and toilet paper, cleaning kits for plumbing, supports for air freshener - all this will enliven the interior and make it more luxurious. Also pay attention to the decorative elements of the collections of ceramic tiles. Inserts, borders, decors, made under silver or gold, will be a great addition to the black tile.



Black toilet is a difficult choice. It requires a balanced approach to the design of the bathroom or bathroom, careful selection of all finishing materials. The end result with the right approach will always be impressive, able to hit the most sophisticated guest at home. When choosing black plumbing, you should not forget that it is the most demanding of personal care. If you are not ready to do daily cleaning of the toilet, you should prefer more versatile shades of plumbing.