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Wooden ceiling in the interior (19 photos): beautiful colors and design


The wooden ceiling is not a "last century", but a new trend in the interior. If you design the design correctly, you can create an unsurpassed atmosphere in which important details will stand out. Such modern techniques are often used in practice, so they can be freely considered to draw certain conclusions.

After thinking about how to trim the ceiling in a wooden house, some people choose the suspended or tension option. Yes, it shortens the repair time, and also has several advantages, but this option changes the overall atmosphere, causing irreparable harm to it. It is much more practical to use natural material in a private house in different ways:

  • With open beams;
  • Without beams.

In the interior, both methods can be applied without restrictions, correctly matching materials. Such beautiful options can not be ruled out to achieve coziness and comfort.

Today, wooden beams on the ceiling has become a sign of luxury and wealth in the house. Such modern options are found in new projects, where the initial requirement is to create convenience for each family member.

Experts suggest two types of use of beams:

  • Bearing structures;
  • Imitation designs.

In the complex interior of the room, you can use different materials, and even the traditional white ceiling will look attractive. To do this, you need to think of a dark design, making it decorative details.



Imitation designs

The most widespread found options for finishing, where imitation of the supporting structure is used. In such cases, the wooden ceiling is complemented by beams, but this is an ordinary decor. Natural materials are often not even used for it, which reduces the weight of the finish, while professionals advise them to turn to conifers with their elegant patterns. You can make any means to change the look of a bathroom or another room. Receptions are justified by beauty, although the design is a bit more complicated by the details that are affected by the coloring.



Wooden ceiling without beams

Beams are not the only finishing option. Wooden ceiling is created in other ways, but its design requires a good vision of the surrounding space and professional skills. No suspended ceiling in the apartment can not be compared with him in attractiveness, so it is advantageous to spend money, creating comfort.

Decorative appearance is achieved with the help of natural materials. The most practical thing to do is finish clapboard, which is easier to work, but completely conveys the feeling of natural wood. And this is not an imitation, but the correct use of available resources. After that, the room will not need painting in white, which is considered a classic.




Often people like wooden slatted ceiling. On the one hand, its color and design attract the eye, but on the other hand, this decor has several drawbacks. During the repair in the apartment you have to apply to all the nuances, so you need to consider both approaches in detail.

Looking through the projects, you can make sure that professionals in the private home work wonders. They freely choose colors and fixtures, creating an indescribable interior even in the bathroom. Only people still prefer natural materials and natural lighting, so the color of wall boards is a thing of the past. The cozy living room is completely covered with wood, becoming fabulous.