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Bamboo in the interior of a house or apartment (20 photos)


Designers around the world often turn to bamboo in the development of interior projects.

  • Bamboo ceiling. It is made from the pressed bamboo panels or a continuous rolled cloth. It looks very interesting, especially in contrast to the stretch ceilings, which every second in an apartment already has.
  • Bamboo wallpaper in the interior. Despite its unusual appearance, these wallpapers are simple to stick. The technology of working with them practically does not differ from traditional roll products or photo wallpapers. Look great bamboo wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom, living room - in short, wherever you need to create a cozy atmosphere. Are made of the split wood. Huge "plus": they are very difficult to damage. Also, these wallpapers are not afraid of sunlight, that is, do not fade, such as photo wallpapers. Bamboo wallpaper in the interior hallway, bedroom or living room will give the room an ethnic style. Caring for them is simple: they only need to be cleaned from time to time with a wet, but well wrung cloth.
  • Bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds and curtains are light and elegant. The management of such a product may be similar to the principle of lifting a roll or a Roman curtain. Suitable for the kitchen, and for the bathroom, and for the dining room, and for the living room, and for the nursery. Blinds are easy to clean, unpretentious in the care. And the blinds can be very elegantly combined with fabric curtains.
  • Bamboo panels. The material is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of the house and is a pressed strip of bead from a bamboo forest. The most demanding customer will appreciate the variety of patterns weaving. The panels are joined by grooves with each other, that is, their installation is quite simple.
  • Bamboo tile The price of a tile from a bamboo forest is high, as the material is made by hand. But if your refined taste requires exotic, why not treat yourself to such an exclusive finish. Also note that the size of the products and the number of layers may be different. 5- and 7-ply tiles are used for floor cladding. Of the important advantages of the material - the incredible resistance to moisture and high heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Bamboo rolled cloth. The bamboo leaf fastened on the wall is easily confused with panels. But if you take it in hand, the difference will be obvious: the roll web consists of thin slats, which are fixed on a fabric basis. The material is attached to the wall on liquid nails. Finishing does not take much time, especially if it will produce the master.
  • Bamboo flooring. Such a floor finish looks just gorgeous.




Decorative bamboo trunks: beauty and functionality

Bamboo trunks will help to bring notes of tropical style to your apartment. Create a real exotic forest with this material.

Such an interior solution is not only beautiful, but also practical. It can act as an interior partition or even divide one large room into several zones. If you wish, you can even build real stationary walls from an exotic forest with the help of designers.

The use of trunks can also be used as symbolic delimiters of space. To do this, install only a few trunks.

Another idea worth noting is using trunks as a staircase railing. However, it is worth remembering that such an extravagant design of the stairs is unsafe if you have children.

Bamboo forest is used in the manufacture of exclusive furniture and amazing beauty accessories. From the trunk of this tree you can make any piece of furniture for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, loggia, etc. Connoisseurs of natural style in the interior design of apartments know that such things create a very warm atmosphere in the room, purify the energy and create a feeling of harmony. By the way, such an acquisition, although quite expensive, is durable. In addition, bamboo products are not afraid of moisture and do not change color in the bright sun.



Bamboo Textiles

From the young shoots of bamboo, they learned how to produce cellulose, which is then transformed into a fine thread by complex processing. And by the fineness of this thread can be compared with silk.

Resting on such textiles, you can improve your body a little. And this is a proven fact. After all, this material contains a large number of pectins, which nourish the skin and act as an antibacterial agent. In addition, this tissue helps rejuvenate skin cells.

You can also buy soft bath towels in the bathroom of bamboo.




Bamboo in the interior: the most budget solution

Everyone knows that not everyone can afford to use bamboo in the interior. Rolled bamboo curtains or blinds, panels, linens and tiles, and even more furniture cost a lot of money. But if your soul still needs to arrange an apartment in a natural or ethnic style, we offer a budget idea!

Use the design of the house things, which are marked with a pattern of bamboo stalks. It can be wallpaper or regular wallpaper with a bamboo print, tile for a bathroom or kitchen or even bed linen.



Live bamboo in your home

So far we have talked about decorating or decorating an apartment using products made from bamboo. What about getting real bamboo in your kitchen, bathroom or guest room? And we recommend to buy not one plant, but several and form a real bamboo forest. You must admit that such a design solution is no worse than expensive bamboo panels or curtains, textiles or fabrics.