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How to choose a beautiful combination of color of the walls, floor and furniture (55 photos)


Working on the creation of comfort and convenience, each hostess would certainly like to create a unique image for their home. Fill it with a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort, individually suitable for your family.




In order to choose the right environment, it is not necessary to blindly follow fashion trends, the main thing is to have your own taste and listen to your desires. After all, the perception of the world as a whole is quite an individual matter; what is good for one is bad for another.




A few tricks to work with colors

Dark tones:

  • have the ability to conceal any flaws
  • optically reduce space

Bright hues:

  • On the contrary, visually expand the room
  • Add an apartment of freshness and comfort



Multicolor tones:

  • The dominant should always be a single color.
  • In no case should multi-colored flowers overload the situation in the house.
  • Having chosen a certain color as a basis, add its shades to it.
  • The furnishings should always be lighter or darker than the walls of the room.
  • Do not decorate the ceiling and floor in the same color, otherwise the room will look unbalanced, and this in turn will create a feeling of discomfort.






Base colors. The basic rules of their combination

Black is a fairly versatile color, perfect for all other tones. But the closest allies, except for white and red, are green, yellow and orange.

Red - the color that activates and stimulates feelings, besides contrasting white and black colors, looks great with yellow, green and gray.

Yellow - a color that tones and strengthens the nervous system, feels comfortable with blue, purple and blue.

Green - the color of freshness and inspiration, in addition to the above combination looks great on a background of golden brown, light beige and a calm dark shade of yellow.

Blue is a deep, bottomless ocean or sky color that increases concentration. Wonderfully harmonizes with rich yellow color, purple and steel.




Adjusting the room using the wall color

With the help of properly chosen color of the walls, you can visually operate with the architecture of the room: expand and narrow the dimensions of the room, optically make higher or lower ceilings, and also, if necessary, select functional zones.






Properly chosen tones will help correct the imperfections of the walls in the form of cracks, surface irregularities or stains. In such a case, paints of delicate unsaturated tones will be needed. But still consider the intensity and amount of sunlight in the room.

The rooms facing north will come in bright colors, and rooms with windows facing south or east will have intense shades.

Not only the walls, but also the floor with the ceiling, as well as the furniture should be in harmony with each other for a consonant combination of the color palette in the future interior.

The choice of wall color is much more important than the arrangement of furniture and decor in the room. But on the other hand, the color of the walls is easy to change at any time, but the furniture is bought not for one year. Every housewife wants her favorite kitchen set to please the eye as long as possible.

On different surfaces the same paint color will look individually:

  • on the surface of a smooth texture, the paint looks lighter;
  • on a rough surface - on the contrary, darker;
  • on matte - the color will appear warmer;
  • on polished - colder.

If you are in doubt about the result and want to make sure that the chosen shade is correct, paint a small part of the wall for the sample.






Wall color

If the color of the walls has become boring, then it can be easily repainted in any other color. If you are fed up with monochromatic walls, paint one of them with the opposite color of contrast. Contrast reception will require a minimum of time and money from you, and your interior will look very different. And if the color gets bored again, you can easily change it.

By the way, the painting of one of the walls, distinctively from the others, is currently quite a fashionable trend in the interior.




White color

Universal color, creating a feeling of spaciousness, but sterile cleanliness may be associated with hospital walls, which, in addition to boredom, will also add unpleasant sensations. It harmonizes with almost any shades. This is its main advantage over the others. But still, it is best combined with blue, red and black. That is, if white still prevailed in your house, if you wish, you can dilute it with all the colors of the rainbow.



Pink color

Skillfully using paint can not only give a new breath to the old interior, but also easily model the architecture of a room. With the help of one bright wall, it is really possible to divide an elongated room into 2 functional zones.




Large room, dominated by light colors, do not be afraid to dilute the juicy bright color. This combination will only give the room chic and superiority.

The floor covering of beige or cream tones and light furnishings miraculously dilute the pink wall or fuchsia wall.




Orange color

Due to the same intensity of colors easily achieved harmony of colors. Knowledge of some tricks will help skillfully not only to combine colors, but also to arrange space.




The orange wall optically brings the remote part of the room closer, which visually makes a room too wide and more comfortable.

The rich orange color of the wall looks great in conjunction with a green floor, carpet or floor covering. To this composition would not hurt to add decorated elements of white, cream or yellow-green shades.

The color of peace and relaxation, because the cold tones of blue and gray act as a sedative for the nervous system, balance feelings and thoughts, and even as a soporific evoke sleep.

To create an interior in oriental style, use the bright rich color of oriental seasonings and spices. Soft shades of cardamom, turmeric and cinnamon will help to recreate the interior, reminiscent of the design style of homes in North Africa. The palette of shades of spices goes well with other delicate tones.




Earthy color

The naturalness of colors of earthy shades is wonderfully combined with each other, they can be mixed at their discretion, in any case, the result will be excellent. The success of this color lies precisely in the naturalness and unprecedented softness.

Elegant soft tones, such as milk, pale pink, the color of baked milk will be a great starting point for the interior design of the living room. The color of such walls can be beaten as well as possible if you hang dark blue curtains in the room, and somewhere in the room to place a chair of an elegant brownish-yellow color.

Each of us can cope with the seemingly unsolvable task of combining the color of furniture and the color of the walls. In order not to cause discomfort to the eye, and not to leave the feeling of harmony, you just need to follow simple rules and basic requirements in a correct arrangement of the color palette.