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Orchids in the interior (21 photos): a beautiful flower arrangement and the use of wallpaper with him


Beautiful and delicate orchids can serve as a wonderful home decoration. This exotic flower, like no other, emphasizes a refined setting, gives a feeling of tenderness and peace. In addition, the design with orchids fits perfectly into almost any interior, except for deliberately coarse, like rustic.

In which interior these flowers will look as harmonious as possible, consider:

  • If the interior contains elements of oriental style, then there simply cannot do without orchids. In the rich and oriental setting of the bedroom or living room, orchids look "in place", diluting the overly heavy and pompous design, giving it a lightness and grace. To the Oriental are both Chinese style and Asian. In Japanese interior, orchid is a very popular theme of decor - paintings with orchids, decorative tiles, wallpapers are found in this country very often. Of course, you can’t call it heavy, rather, minimalistic and concise. But in this case, the orchid brings vivacity and freshness to the interior, does not allow the situation to "freeze".
  • In the case of minimalism, orchids in the interior perform the same functions as in Japanese - they give the room a dynamic, bring in a fresh stream. Moreover, in contrast to the laconic and strict minimalism, the delicate orchid flower looks especially elegant. A little unexpected, bold, but this is what a modern approach to interior design consists of.
  • A high-tech room with orchid makes it more comfortable and homely. And the kitchen, on which there is a photo wallpaper with this flower, will look more stylish and modern.
  • The classic style, very popular in all countries, is also great for design with orchids. Although you can’t call this flower classic and widespread, it nevertheless fits well with the traditional setting, giving it a bit of modern dynamics. In the traditional interior, it is better to use wallpaper of classic color combinations or to put pots with live orchids.
  • In the ultramodern styles, loft and industrial orchids can look very interesting, making the room more lively and warm. To decorate a bedroom or living room, you can even use avant-garde paintings with bright orchids or put up actual concise vases with artificial or fresh flowers.
  • Where it is undesirable to use orchids, so it is in the design of the room in the country style, rustic or rustic. Rough design is not combined with a delicate and exquisite flower.



Artificial or alive

Of course, nothing is better than living plants. However, not everyone has the opportunity to keep real orchids at home, as these are rather delicate tropical flowers, and special conditions are necessary for their cultivation.

Consider exactly how you can use these flowers in the apartment:

  • For the bedroom, orchids are useful in that they bring a romantic touch and tenderness to the interior. But there is such a theory that live orchids at night are able to take energy from the surrounding space. Therefore, keeping real flowers in the bedroom is not recommended. But artificial analogs - what you need. For a bedroom, suitable for wallpaper or paintings with pink or white plants. This technique perfectly decorate the interior, give it affection.
  • The kitchen, where applied design with orchids, always looks luxurious and fashionable. This kitchen will be a favorite gathering place for the whole family in the mornings and evenings.
  • Where, if not in the living room can be placed live specimens in elegant pots? If you put such a composition or a single flower, it will decorate the interior, bring a festive touch to it. Also fit and elegant wallpaper with these colors.
  • Exotic flowers will fit well even in the interior of the bathroom. They can give this slightly cold room an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. In addition, the combination of glossy cold tiles and a lively warm flower looks very unusual and interesting. It is better to put the orchid in a conspicuous place so that it will immediately be noticeable upon entering the room - so the bathroom will get a stylish and elegant look. Also suitable for the bathroom tile or washable wallpaper with a picture of a flower.




Benefits and features

Consider what the pros and specific nuances are when using in the interior of the house orchids:

  • Picking up a flower that is suitable in color and size or its image, you can decorate the interior, give it a modern, stylish touch and, at the same time, make the room design more comfortable and elegant.
  • Orchid can perfectly contrast with deliberately coarse surfaces, which are often used in industrial and loft styles. For example, a delicate flower will look especially tender against the background of an unprocessed brick wall. This design is suitable for decorating a bedroom or living room, even the kitchen will look more modern and fashionable.
  • Especially suitable for home interior white flower. This copy will fit perfectly into any interior. Use the technique of contrast, placing white flowers on a background of dark surfaces and vice versa. This interesting technique makes the interior lively and dynamic. On sale there are paintings and tiles with this design, pay attention to them.
  • Using orchids in the design of the room, it should be understood that the flower will be the main "actor" of the composition, the semantic center of the interior of the bedroom or living room. Therefore, the whole environment should be reduced to shading the beauty of this flower.
  • Orchid should not be placed next to chic, pompous interior details: paintings, large gilded vases, etc. The presence of such elegant and too decorative objects nearby will not allow you to enjoy the refined and stylish simplicity of a flower. In order for the orchid to look as harmonious as possible, it is better to place it next to simple lines and shapes, low-key flowers. Laconic paintings, simple tiles and wallpapers will come in handy.
  • Looks great orchids, set in large floor vases. At the same time, the vases should not have an excessively decorative design in order not to distract attention from the flower.




Wall mural

If it is not possible to keep a live plant in a house, this is not a reason to refuse a flower. There are many other uses for orchids in the interior. One of them is to purchase wallpaper with a picture of a plant. Features of the use of photo wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper with a photorealistic image fits perfectly into the interior, stylishly look on the wall, give sophistication.
  • Can be used as a semantic center of the interior of the apartment or in order to shade other decor items or furniture.
  • It is better to apply the wallpaper of sufficiently large size, which involuntarily draw attention to when you enter the room. Such a catchy stroke can serve as an interior decoration, as well as a diversion when it is necessary to divert attention from other interior flaws.



Other uses

  • Traditional paper and vinyl wallpapers are a great choice for those who prefer classic solutions. They blend harmoniously into the interior and fit many styles. The same qualities are paintings and tiles with floral ornaments.
  • Vinyl stickers with the image of a flower is a great solution for those who are not yet ready to breed live specimens. Stickers can be applied to any smooth surface, they can be either a stylized drawing or a photorealistic image. Great for bedrooms, where they are often put on the mirror surface of the closet.
  • A wall panel with a picture of a wonderful flower will perfectly decorate the interior of a living room or bedroom, give it peace and a romantic touch. The panel can be from different materials: fabrics, glass, mosaics, etc. Design depends only on the general style of the room.