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Russian style in the interior (17 photos): examples of design in traditional rustic style


The value of the work of our ancestors all the more weighty for our contemporaries. And as one example of honoring our great culture, the traditional Russian style in the interior began to revive. Incredible fabulous motifs, bright painting of the house, log trim baths - all this characterizes the modern Russian design.

Our ancestors invested the soul in the construction and decoration of their homes. Every corner was saturated with warmth, comfort and love. Russian style in the interior is often referred to as rustic. What is now different Russian design of the house and rooms from others?

  • Maximum use of wood. It should be used not only for finishing floors, walls and ceilings, but also in furniture. It is recommended to use wood species common in Russia.
  • Bright paints and floral ornaments in the decoration of walls and furniture.
  • It is recommended to artificially age out household items: dishes, furniture and lighting.
  • Use in the interior of wooden shops and massive tables.
  • A huge role is played by the classic Russian stove or at least a fireplace. This rustic attribute is always decorated with paintings or laid out with ornaments of tiles.
  • Special attitude to the fabrics in the design. It must be natural fabrics, it is desirable that textiles be made of flax, calico or cotton. Complicated drapery is not welcome, but embroidery, knitted napkins and appliqués will be very appropriate.
  • To design the design in the Russian style, it is required to additionally add to the interior elements of decor with embroidery, lace, made of clay, traditional Russian toys.






Several varieties of this style

Fabulous Russian style in the interior in a modern design is divided into three types:

  • "A la rus"
  • "Russian hut"
  • "Russian terem"

"A la Rus" has long been known all over the world and is characterized by the use of original ethnic motifs and household items. They can be found in souvenir shops and stores. Practical examples are sandals, dolls, samovars. Often, bears are used for decoration, painted dishes, characteristic curtains, tablecloths, pillows and the Russian folk instrument - balalaika. This style has no rustic motive, but rather expresses the characteristic Russian elements of decor.




Design options

  • Gzhel style will please fans of the combination of blue and white. Gentle play of blue tones in white creates an atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness.
  • If you like something unusual, fabulous, at the same time stylish, give preference to the splint style. These are the motley pictures reminding children's books with fairy tales.
  • Khokhloma decor looks very bright and elegant. Khokhloma is in harmony with wooden coatings, home textiles can also convey this image, dominated by black, red and gold colors.
  • For sewing interior draperies, choose simple fabrics with repetitive textures, use natural linen fabric.
  • A quilt of flaps, where each piece is a separate story, as well as pillow slides, folded in size, will add Russian color to the dwelling. This design of the bedrooms previously symbolized a rich family, where friendly spouses bring up many children.
  • Fans of grace and visual aesthetics can advise the Russian Rococo. This is a palace style. The tapestry fabric for furniture, carved gold-trimmed wooden furniture, filigree plates and lace figurines will help you create this design. How much you have to pay for such a design is determined by the subtleties of manufacturing and the wishes of the customer.