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Round bed in the bedroom interior (50 photos): interesting models and materials


A round bed is a challenge to stereotype, it is a refutation of the usual norms, beauty and originality. Are you dreamy and not thinking like everyone else? Do you want your bedroom to make an impression and attract interest? Anyone who sees a round bed in the interior of the bedroom, can never forget it. How to choose a bed, how to equip and harmoniously fit it into the interior? Did you want a round bed for yourself home? So, you are standing on the threshold of a responsible decision - which bed to choose and whether to prefer the roundness of the bed forms in general?




The benefits of a round bed

Exciting forms weightless, as if hovering in the center of the room, beds - is this not the dream of any owners? Royal bedroom design with a round bed will decorate any home. In addition to beauty, she has many advantages:

  • At a round bed of a berth it is more, than at ordinary. It is suitable even for a very tall person.
  • If the bed is wide enough in diameter, then several people can easily be placed on it.
  • A round bed creates an additional comfort, produces a feeling of security, a kind of nest where peace and quiet reign. The circle is not for nothing is a symbol of harmony.
  • You can be placed during sleep in any direction, especially if you are inclined to move around the sleeping place unconsciously.
  • The round bed is designed to become the center of attention, especially interesting for studio apartments, where zoning is much more free than in the usual layouts.

It is believed that sleeping in a round bed will show an increased interest in traveling and returning to their home with great pleasure. Probably, the symbolism of the wheel and the yurt of nomads is working on the subconscious.









The disadvantages of round beds

But there are some features in round beds, which will have to be considered. If they frighten you and make you think, give up the round bed in favor of its more traditional relative.

  • A round bed is more expensive than a regular rectangular one; their high cost is determined by a special design.
  • Mattresses for round beds need to be ordered specially, rarely on sale you can find a round mattress, especially since it is suitable for your bed.
  • It is difficult to choose bedding for the size of your bed. Most likely, you will have to sew it to order. But it may be more profitable in the financial sense than to buy ready-made.
  • A round bed doesn’t fit the small bedroom at all, there’s absolutely no room left, as the round beds have impressive scales, in a small room with a round bed it will be cramped.
  • If the bed is not wide enough in diameter, then it becomes very uncomfortable to sleep there together.










Types of round beds

The range of round beds is immense. There is no end to the design idea, as it is impossible to come up with two identical round beds. Their variety pleases the adherents of this style of furniture, as it is very easy to be original and find such a round bed that fully meets your imagination and taste.

  • Leather or substitute leather
  • Metal, for example, forged
  • Wood
  • With or without backrest and armrests
  • In size, small for rest and large for sleeping; among large ones, single and double
  • Integral and transformers - folding, sliding and composite, which free up additional space in the room, saving it, being in the assembled state. With or without drawers. If you live in a one-room apartment, where the only room performs different functions: bedroom, hall, hall, living room, and sometimes the dining room, then this bed will provide an opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the furniture to the situation. For example, a sofa bed with bogus ottomans, which is a round bed in a combined form and comfortable upholstered furniture in a spaced form, between the elements of which you can even put a festive table. And drawers for bed linen eliminate the need to have additional cabinets where unused bed linen is stored.
  • On the legs or solid ottoman
  • With a round mattress or more familiar rectangular in the middle
  • The most different colors and colors, plain and with patterns
  • Corner bed with add-ons. This type of round bed is installed in the corner of the room, and the space above the headboard, which is located in the corner, is occupied by shelves and shelves. It will also save space and give pleasant moments associated with the possibility of decorating a room with various interior decorations in the form of caskets and figurines. You can even equip a small corner table above the headboard where the lamp can be placed









How to choose a round bed

Designers do not get tired to offer all new and new models of round beds of different shapes, colors and a set of additional functions and accessories, but how to choose the one that you need?

  1. Pay attention to the size of the room where you are going to make the bed. If it is small, choose folding options. In the absence of a shortage of square meters, feel free to pick up a large bed.
  2. Appointment room. For what functions is the room where the round bed will be installed? Will it be a bedroom or a living room? A chic bed in the bedroom is an important element of apartment design. Separate refinement can be a small round sofa, designed not so much for sleeping, but also for relaxing with friends, or reading a book on cold rainy evenings, hiding in a cozy rug.
  3. Children's beds can be a special piece of art. Buying or ordering the manufacture of a round bed for a nursery, a child’s resting place can be shaped like a fairytale character, a bright fruit, animal, a celestial object (Sun, Moon, cloud), a ship, or stylized as a royal castle.







Depending on the design of your home, the color scheme of bed linen can be of various shades, with drawings or monophonic, with geometric prints or realistic photos of nature. Colors can be selected "tone on tone" with a bed, and it is possible to make contrast linen. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Some specialized bedding stores offer round bed linen to shoppers. An excellent option could be underwear with elastic bands. You can use the usual bed, designed for large double bed. If the corners of rectangular sheets are lowered over the round line of the bed itself, it will look original and refresh the style of the room.






What bedrooms are suitable for a round bed

The interior of a bedroom with a round bed crosses out all the standards established in the heads of the average person, easily and elegantly transferring it to the world of new impressions and feelings. If your bedroom is decorated in an extraordinary style, then the round bed will fit perfectly into it. But do not neglect the already mentioned rule: a round bed in a spacious bedroom looks organic. In the bedroom with massive cabinet furniture, a large impressive round four-poster bed, especially if the window is decorated with heavy opaque curtains, will evoke an atmosphere of fundamental reliability, power and consistency. "My home is my fortress," it is this expression that describes the sensations that arise within the walls of such a bedroom.