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Orange kitchen (40 photos): beautiful interior decoration and color combinations

The lively color of fire, reddish orange color, rich sun shade is an attribute of magic, fairy tales, warmth and comfort, which can be embodied in one word - “orange”. This color is special - peaceful and bright, kind and soft, cozy and bold. It attracts, attracts, charms and ... even a little bold, if you choose it for one of the rooms of your house or apartment. But if your desire is a stylish design of an orange kitchen, then this color is the right decision! After all, what could be better than the combination of lively fire of communication, flavors of masterpieces of dishes and orange, enveloping the large family with warmth and comfort?

Orange for the kitchen: why he

It is no secret that chromotherapy works wonders, and especially - orange. Therefore, choosing it for your favorite territory of your own home / apartment or kitchen, you will get a lot of advantages. And not a single flaw!

So, orange in the interior of the kitchen is:

  • excellent mood. And what else is needed for a large family consisting of several generations ?;
  • optimism and desire to go forward, despite the difficulties. Came out of the kitchen in orange - and solved a lot of problems;
  • excellent work of the digestive and urogenital systems. Such an effect on the body in a harmonious alliance with the diet menu - and you will not recognize chronic ailments;
  • arousal appetite. And this means that in such a kitchen you can feed even the most capricious "nehochuha";
  • powerful energy movement and drive. And the long winter months, bad weather and bad mood will not hinder you in achieving your dreams!

Moods of orange, or everything is possible

Orange is a variety of shades. And you are free to choose one of them, create a combined version between them and other colors of the palette in order to get a cool, hot, austere, cozy or any other interior of your kitchen. The main thing is your desire and “feeling” of the place, territory, moods and desires of each family member.

The choice can be made in favor of:

  • terracotta, close to brick, calm and deep;
  • pumpkin, glamor and exciting desires;
  • a peachy, red, yellow and red alliance reminiscent of summer;
  • amber, interior filling with deep sense;
  • copper, with its piercing filling and a certain metallic note;
  • carrot and some others, charming and charming.

However, choosing the orange color for the kitchen in any of its manifestations, do not forget about its combination with others. The main rule is harmony, because orange is an active principle that needs an ideally driven shade. Choose it right!

Combination with white or black: the basics of the classics of the genre

The most common options for using the shade of orange are the black and orange kitchen and its variant with white. This contrast will appeal to everyone, in the first case creating an indescribable play of powerful and passive black-coal, in the second - transferring energy, monumentality, and driving white.

Black and orange kitchen - these are the highlights and details, accents. Here the main thing is to choose from bright furniture and rich color of the walls or leave black furniture, and make orange niches, aisles, arches, other elements of the walls or one of the walls. In case you choose black and orange furniture, let the colors alternate in the facades and the details of the furniture will be invisible. In this case, the walls can be decorated with the same colors, only in calmer and softer shades.

Ideal for kitchen furniture in black and orange color - light mouse, light steel, matte white walls, floor and ceiling. Depending on your desire, you can emphasize the basic color palette with switches, sockets, lamps and other small elements. When choosing a shade of orange, do not forget that it will look more calm and cool against the background of black, therefore it is possible to use saturated shades.

Attention: it is worth remembering about the features of the furniture in orange color. Since these are often modern ergonomic dining tables and chairs, they will look closer to you than they really are.

Lighting a black and orange kitchen is a special question. It should be sufficient not only in the working area, but also for the lunch group. The use of natural lighting and lighting devices will harmoniously lead to an uplift, the maximum expression of a kitchen concept in a certain style. Combine these or other lighting devices with the style of the room: precise images and precise forms will be suitable for strict modern styles, ornaments and vegetative drawing on the lampshades will be suitable for national and natural.

Attention: lighting devices, as well as fluxes of daylight, should not fall directly; matte shades are desirable here. In the first case, this will provide spotlights and a certain way directed sconces, in the second - blinds and shutters on the windows.

In turn, the white-orange kitchen is no less demanding on the design than its “dark” version. However, if black and orange is a high-tech style or similar to it indoors, then the light version is the possibility of expressing kitchen space in Provence and Rustic style, art deco and loft, as well as in any other.

White-orange is a drive, positive and energy despite the fact that white can be different, as well as orange. An abundance of orange in the kitchen is difficult, difficult and annoying, so you can only focus on some details / elements. This can be a tabletop, curtain, accent wall, a set of dishes or household appliances. Orange will make an additional color from which you can not get tired and that will fill with energy.

At the same time, orange on one of the walls will make the room visually higher, and the design of the table top or rectangle of one of the walls will be wider and more spacious. Excellent option for a small kitchen!

Attention: modern interior styles need the most pure orange, traditional and classic - in its strict manifestation. As an option - a mixture with shades of brown.

The white-orange kitchen will not be as demanding for lighting as its dark "partner." And all because any shade of white will give lightness and airiness, and orange will bring flavor! At the same time, such a kitchen can be supplemented with textiles in the form of curtains, tablecloths on tables, pickups and even draperies. Having brought the third color in the form of accessories, you can both dilute the elegance of white and orange, and give them a special touch. It all depends on the selected color from the palette!

Orange kitchen in combination with other colors

Orange and green are a win-win situation if you and your family members are true innovators. The compatibility of these two colors will bring saturation, volume and drive energy to your kitchen, but such a union should not tire. What can be done in this case? Choose a calm shade of orange for the main one, assign green to auxiliary, beat calm shades.

The original solution is orange and gray. Both colors will help each other to highlight the basic elements of the room and hide the flaws. At the same time, gray will hide the saturation and aggressiveness of orange, you will not get tired of it, and orange will dilute the monotony of gray.

Elegant and elegant option - orange and moderate blue. At the same time, you can use pumpkin or terracotta as an orange, and select only a few fragments of walls, ceiling or floor in blue. The rest of the space is shades of white. Now you understand that the orange kitchen can be different, but always energetic, charming and positively powerful!