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Furniture in the style of minimalism interior (50 photos): modern design


Modern minimalism - an attractive and concise design, which is especially suitable for city apartments. Minimalism combines simplicity, brevity and the almost complete lack of decor. All this makes the minimalist decor of a bedroom, hallway or living room comfortable, ergonomic, functional, pleasant to the eye, but at the same time not deprived of convenience and comfort. In the article we will consider what features the furniture in the style of minimalism has.

What are the features of furniture in the style of minimalism:

  • Furniture, including soft, is characterized by a simple design and concise design. Nothing more, everything is pretty strict. But in this simplicity is its grace.
  • The furniture in this modern style has sharp corners. But minimalism is not alien and rounded forms. At the same time, even round tables and other designer and factory furniture will be concise.
  • The shapes of the furniture are geometric. Moreover, this geometrical explicit, clear, without unnecessary details. Often this feature is different designer furniture for the bedroom, living room and hallway, including soft.
  • Coloring - monophonic. The maximum that a minimalist piece of furniture can afford is a combination of two colors, often contrasting ones. For example, white and black, brown of two shades, etc. The kitchen and the hall, made in such colors, look especially stylish. Children rarely performed in these colors, except for the already almost adult teenage senior high school student.
  • In the design of the room are rarely used flashy shades, often - natural range. The kitchen, hall and bathroom space are all concise and neutral.
  • Almost complete lack of parts and various decorative elements. The smoother, looser and smoother the surface, the better. There is no minimalist furniture, including designer and soft furniture, "trinkets", curlicues and other excesses.
  • Modern minimalist furniture is very functional. Since this style excludes unnecessary things and details, one piece of furniture should be used "in full". If this table is convenient, with a minimum of only the most necessary shelves and drawers. If the wardrobe is very spacious, without decor, comfortable and fits perfectly into the surrounding space, including the bathroom. The same applies to all remaining furniture.
  • This situation is unlikely to appeal to family people with children, as it is too laconic and has many dangerous sharp corners. But for creative "singles", bachelors and people not burdened with family life, minimalism can be a real way out. After all, a minimalist kitchen or a room does not take much time for cleaning, wooden and plastic furniture in this style is comfortable, makes an excellent appearance, is functional, practical and very relevant.
  • Furniture in the style of minimalism can have a relaxing impression on people. Such a design is able to provide excellent rest after a hard working day, eventful. Do not distract attention - the main secret of its impact. And the nursery, and the kitchen, and the room, and other rooms - nothing in the interior of these premises should create tension for the eyes and brain.













What palette is most often used in the manufacture of furniture in the style of minimalism, features:

  • Natural colors. Unnatural, acidic, screaming and synthetic colors will not be here. The decor of the bedroom, living room, hallway, as well as the bathroom should contribute to relaxation and relaxation, including, should rest and eyes. And this rest is best provided by natural, natural colors.
  • The most common color for minimalist furniture in modern design is white. This clean and fresh color emphasizes the nobility of lines and shapes. In addition, white is easy to maintain, gives a clean interior, makes the room brighter. The white kitchen or lounge is a classic of the minimalist genre.
  • In addition to pure white, other light shades of metal and wood are also used. For example, children can be light sand or beige.
  • Black is also often used, most often in contrast with white. Since the completely black decor of the bedroom or hallway will turn out too gloomy.
  • Often, a red leather chair or a sofa of the same color stands out against the background of a black-white-beige bedroom interior or a hallway. We love this technique in minimalism, which allows us to emphasize the stylish and modern design of the room. But the bright and conspicuous detail should be one - if large and 2-3 - if smaller. Often also used colorful posters or bright paintings on the background of laconic furniture and walls.












What material is made furniture in the style of minimalism:

  • First of all, it is wooden surfaces. Furniture must be painted in the appropriate color style. The kitchen, the living room and the children’s room are often lighter, darker shades are acceptable for the bathroom.
  • Glass inserts are also used frequently. It can be a designer tabletop made of thick tempered glass coffee table or the door of laconic rectangular cabinets, shelves, and other glass parts. Glass gives the room a bedroom, living room or hallway of airiness and lightness, slightly balancing the gloomy interior.
  • Chrome metal legs and other chrome design. Metal shelves can also be shelves, even the legs of tables and chairs. Quality metal is most often used as a metal, as well as aluminum.
  • Leather upholstered furniture upholstered more often. This solid and noble material fits the strict style a little better.














Furnishing rooms

Living room or hall. What are the features of furniture for the living room in the style of minimalism:

  • There must be two things in this room - a sofa and a small coffee table. Add the rest of the furniture to the hall carefully, only if they are obviously necessary. The same technique applies to the design of the hallway.
  • Of course, few people can allow in our country to put in the room only two pieces of furniture. We also need storage space, as there is usually a lot of things in a private apartment, and there is little free space. In the minimalist interior of the living room, compact racks or modular walls are used. They are stylish, modern look and do not take up much space, they fit harmoniously into the interior. Suitable for a bathroom, even for children with their presence will become more convenient.
  • TV will be logical to use the newest model - with a wide flat screen. Such modern technology will fit most harmoniously into the minimalist interior of the living room and will not take up much space. TV can be placed on the wall or on a separate shelf modular wall.
  • There are on sale whole furniture sets for the living room, in the style of minimalism. They, as a rule, represent a modular wall or a workplace with a computer desk and a cabinet with shelves and shelves. Take a closer look at such headsets more carefully - it is quite possible that one such wooden model will ideally fit into your living room. The nursery can also be decorated with such a set, they are even for the bathroom.