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We decorate and decorate the student’s learning corner (51 photos)


In order to do homework and also to be creative, each child needs a corner of the student, his home office. It can be equipped in almost every, even the smallest apartment. All that is needed is to plan a space wisely. The training table, as well as everything necessary for it, for example, shelves, bedside tables and an armchair, can be installed in the nursery, the hall, under the bed of a child, if it is an attic bed, or even on a heated balcony. It all depends on the designer’s imagination and the layout of the apartment.




The main options for arranging the training place

What furniture will be chosen by parents for arrangement of the study place depends on many factors. First of all, it’s the layout of the apartment, the child’s own room, as well as the number of children in the family and so on. As a rule, the main option that fits well in almost any interior is a stand-alone table with hanging shelves or desktop storage modules. However, modern furniture makes it possible to realize other ideas.







In a teenager's room, the design is completely different. Here you can set a chrome loft bed with a study space under it, a strict laconic table by the window or a computer desk, which can also serve as a place to study. Beds are usually replaced in such interiors with a sofa. Especially when talking about a room for two children. The teenager can also use the corner table, a more functional and practical option.




If you cannot give a separate room to a child in an apartment, then a wall or a modular design will be the best option. In her desk is complemented by furniture for storing books and notebooks, where the space is quite functional and thought out. Hinged lid secretaries also save room space and can be folded quickly and compactly if necessary.



What furniture to buy for the arrangement of the training place

It does not matter whether you think over the interior of a children's room for two children or choose how to equip a compact workplace, you need to choose furniture in such a way that it fully meets the requirements of ergonomics, and also performs the functions assigned to it. What elements need to be included in the student's corner:

  • written or computer desk, the design of which is made in accordance with the growth of the child, a wall with a secretary or any other variant of organizing the desktop at home. It can be both rectangular and angular table;
  • computer chair, certainly a child’s seat, so that the backrest ensures proper seating;
  • a place to store books and notebooks, the design of which coincides with the design of the table;
  • accessories for storage of pens, pencils and other office;
  • the decoration and decor that make the design of the workplace more comfortable.




In addition, the workplace must be supplemented with a sleeping place; for this, both beds and a sofa are suitable. For a small room, it is quite possible to choose a folding bed, for example, a chair or a couch. For two children suitable bunk bed.






School study place in a one-room apartment

If your apartment has only one room, then the student’s corner will have to be equipped in it. In the kitchen, the child is likely to do the lessons will interfere with other sounds. The only alternative may be a warmed balcony, but the cost of converting it into a dwelling is too high and not all parents can make it. However, there are options for equipping the classroom space. For example, a training table can be installed under the loft bed.




You can also choose a compact computer desk, which can also be used by parents to work on a laptop. An excellent option is to use the space near the window sill, where you can install a tabletop. A long table top is also suitable for two children, and the hinged shelves allow you to place everything you need for school and daily creative activities. The table by the window is also bright natural light.






What shades are better to use in the design of the study space

In order for a child to study calmly, it is important not only to purchase high-quality and ergonomic furniture for him, tailored to the height of the child. Emotional atmosphere is extremely important for children, and you can maintain the right mood by carefully considering the interior color.




The design can be well sustained in green shades, since this color fills with positive energy. No less a good option shade, in which you can stand a corner of the student, is yellow, as it tones mental activity. You can mix these two colors, using it as accents, and make the main tone in the room, for example, white or gray.






How to decorate the workplace for the student

If you are equipping a children's school corner, be sure to ensure that its design is not only practical and functional, but also stylish and cozy. Design can be sustained in the subject of the favorite characters of the child, or with the use of decorative elements that he likes most. For children it is very important and will help them to tune in to study and feel comfortable in the new workplace. Home and cozy design allows the child to relax and not feel the tension. It can also be decorated with photographs or souvenirs brought from trips.




It is necessary to equip a schoolchildren’s place for study even before the child enters the first grade and, as the child grows, update it so that it responds to the characteristics of his body. Training space can be represented by a standard desk, secretary, computer desk or even a desk. You can arrange a place for one or two children, a girl or a boy. It is important that this corner be a place where the child is comfortable, and therefore it can be further decorated and used a variety of decorative elements. This will be the key to good learning of your child.