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Cork wallpaper in the interior (19 photos): eco-friendly room decoration


When choosing a suitable wall decoration for repairs, we advise you to take a closer look at such type of coating as cork wallpaper. They look original and beautiful, eco-friendly, can be used as additional heat and sound insulation. There are lots of advantages and peculiarities - therefore, in the article we will look at what this new covering is, how to choose the cork wallpaper, and for which areas of the house they are best suited.

Consider what and how to make this wall covering, its features as a building material.

Cork wallpapers are made from a southern plant, more precisely from its bark. The plant is a famous cork tree, corks for bottles of wine are also made from its bark. The plant lives in southern countries, mainly in the Mediterranean region and in Africa.

What advantages can boast of wallpaper based on cork:

  • Cork coating looks very decorative, decorates the interior in the bathroom and in the hallway, making them unusual and original.
  • This type of wall covering refers to safe and environmentally friendly materials. Cork wallpaper is made from natural tree bark - this is the same, in fact, wood - standard brownish color.
  • Wall coverings on the basis of cork make a special atmosphere in the room - warm and cozy, they make the room truly "habitable" and equipped, it will be a pleasure to be in it.
  • Especially good cork wallpaper look in combination with solid wood furniture. It also combines well with a natural floor covering - laminate or parquet.
  • Cork wallpaper, like bamboo - is very durable coating, they practically have no "demolition" - do not age, do not fade and do not lose a decent look.
  • This type of finish is fire resistant. Moreover, cork wallpapers in the interior are capable to some extent even withstand a fire, resisting fire to the last - this advantage in certain circumstances can give the very "handicap" that will save lives.
  • Cork wallpapers for walls are sometimes used specifically to provide the whole apartment with excellent sound insulation. Experts say that if you have noisy neighbors, then when you cover the walls with cork wallpaper, the audibility will be much less. In addition to excellent sound insulation, wall coverings based on cork also keep warm well.
  • Cork wallpapers do not electrify, do not accumulate static electricity, do not collect dust. These advantages allow to use them, making out design of rooms where people with allergies and children live.
  • This wall covering has good antibacterial properties, prevents the formation of fungus and mold on the walls of the bathroom and the hallway.
  • All types of cork wallpapers are practical, just take care of them, they do not require the creation of any special conditions, unpretentious and comfortable.
  • It will not be difficult to glue this material - anyone who has once glued regular wallpaper will be able to glue and cork - the technology is similar. In addition, the cork coating does not require pre-alignment of the walls, it is perfectly kept in the bathroom and in the kitchen, without peeling off.
  • Even if your room, pasted over with cork wallpaper, is on the sunny side and constantly lit, the wall covering will not burn out and will not lose its colors.
  • The design looks great on the wall, turns an unremarkable room into a fashionable and stylish room.
  • Besides the fact that they cushion wallpaper with walls, they can also be used not for their intended purpose - this material is used to finish off old furniture, thus giving it a second life. And such furniture will look like you purchased a new one, especially if it is combined with the floor covering.




In addition to the obvious advantages, such material has several drawbacks. Although they are much smaller, but for the sake of completeness, they should be considered:

  • The first and most important disadvantage is the cost of cork coverage. This price is not too democratic, although it may well be justified by the obvious and undeniable advantages of such a finish.
  • Cork wall covering is not very resistant to mechanical damage. Therefore, if your child wants to tear a piece of wallpaper from the wall, then, to his joy, he will succeed. But then restore the coating in the hallway or in the kitchen will be difficult.
  • Since rolls of cork wallpapers are usually quite small in length and width, there is a lot of material waste, which makes repair costs even more expensive.

The color gamut of this finishing material is quite wide - most of the natural shades are from sandy to dark brown with characteristic small blotches. As a result, the design of the bathroom, hallway or any other room turns out to be very interesting and original.

Consider what features have a wall decoration cork coating in different areas of the house


If you decorate the kitchen with cork wall covering, then it is advisable to install a kitchen set of natural colors with a natural pattern, preferably in a classic style. Thus, natural wood surfaces will harmonize perfectly. And the corresponding flooring will make the overall picture even more harmonious.




Eco-friendly coating will make sleeping in this important room especially pleasant and strong. Favorable microclimate of finishing will allow you to have a good sleep and rest during the night for new labor achievements.




Cork cover is suitable even for this specific room. Excellent replacement for cold and uncomfortable tile. Warm cork surface is pleasant to the touch, moreover, it is completely resistant to moisture, fungus and mold.