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Loft-style living room - freedom of creative thought with a factory tone (29 photos)


Loft is an urban style of the interior, which is characterized by an abundance of open space and the presence of industrial details. It arose from the desire to turn the workshop into a residential apartment. The loft-style living room is in some ways an example of the reverse process.

Who would suit the living room design in a loft style?

Loft-style living room interior is perfect for:

  • representatives of creative professions (loft allows you to combine the living room with a workshop or even a showroom);
  • owners of apartments with a free layout (no partitions - the basis of the loft);
  • to people who want to save money (this style does not imply expensive furniture and finishing materials);
  • freedom-loving individuals who are not afraid to stand out.

Loft can be used both in the apartment and in a country house. This style gives a lot of space for experiments with room zoning. It allows you to harmoniously combine the living room with a bedroom and a kitchen.



Features of the layout and colors

The main principle of the loft is open space. Ideally, only bathrooms and utility rooms are separated by partitions. In practice, this means that living rooms are separated from the kitchens not by partitions with doors, but by zoning the room. Zoning is done with the help of flooring, furniture, wall finish and color different in texture and color. These techniques allow you to create a loft even in the Khrushchev.



Most appropriately described style will look in rooms with high ceilings and large windows. If the height of the ceiling and the breadth of the space allow, it is necessary to equip the second level for a combined bedroom or office. The project in which the design of the kitchen and the living room are combined is no less convenient in practice. The main thing is to think over the ventilation system, otherwise the living room textiles will absorb the extra odors.

Loft is quite democratic in the field of color selection. The color scheme in the living room is determined by the general idea. Even the most unexpected decisions are allowed. If it is important for you to withstand the industrial atmosphere, pay attention to the muted-dusty shades. They have to play the first violin indoors. Bright tones are recommended for individual accents only.



If the living room is small, then a dazzling white ceiling will help to visually enlarge the space. Loft welcomes the use of the ceiling for the decoration of pipes and wooden beams. As for the floor, the most common laminate will do. Although the spirit of the loft is most consistent with natural wood, varnished. In one room you can use several types of flooring, it will help to zone the room.







Loft-style interior design is characterized by the use of diverse light sources, which, in addition to the direct purpose, will help to zone the space. For this purpose fit:

  • Chandeliers. Chandeliers in the living room in the loft style is better to choose geometric shapes. Traditionally, they are made in white, gray or black. The chandelier with a metal frame and a glass shade will perfectly fit into the described style.
  • Floor lamps. Dimensional models with a large shade and non-standard silhouette are ideal. It can be a studio light, or even a railway spotlight.
  • LED lights. If you want to add a lightness to the living room and visually increase its volume, do not miss the opportunity to use this option. With the help of LED illumination it is easy to form a bedroom area.

Using light to zoning a room, you can literally turn off or turn on certain zones. This is a great option for the bedroom, combined with the living room. The sleeping area can also be separated by thick curtains.



Arrangement and furniture for the living room in the style of loft

In the center of the living room you can safely place a massive sofa. It can be covered with leather or textiles. The use of aging effects in décor is welcomed. It is good, if the sofa is added with dimensional chairs or even padded stools.




Equally important is the presence of a minimalist coffee table. A huge TV will easily fit into such a living room. Also worth experimenting with a fireplace. The main thing is that he does not fall out of industrial style.



Loft allows you to include in the interior and quite unexpected things, such as hammocks, swings, baseball nets, etc. All this can be safely combined with such antique interior items as a forged chandelier, rocking chair or antique bookcase. The combination of old and new is a distinctive feature of a loft.

However, there are certain taboos. First of all, it is lace curtains. Instead, it is better to use thick cotton curtains or metal blinds. Supporters of the traditional loft recommend to abandon the curtains altogether. As for the textures, then pay attention to the suede, cashmere and upholstery with pimply texture. Carpets can be made of felt or felt.




Loft-style living room: 3 design options

At first glance, a loft may seem rather narrow style, associated with an attic, factory or warehouse space, but modern designers have greatly expanded its variations, which allows you to arrange the living room in three directions, while remaining within the boundaries of the loft.

  1. Industrial living room. In this case, you will need to recreate the atmosphere of the factory floor. For this purpose, you can use metal structures, rough cotton curtains, wooden beams, ventilation pipes, etc. The furniture in such a living room may be small, but all objects must have regular geometric shapes and be multifunctional.
  2. Bohemian living room. Named solution involves the preservation of common features of the factory premises. The key role is played by creative furniture and accessories (curtains, chandeliers, etc.). Objects of art will organically fit into such an interior. At the same time, they may not be completely combined with each other.
  3. Glamorous living room. Here the color scale plays an important role. The combination of pastel shades of spectral colors is welcomed. For example, gray-lilac palette. It is important to choose the right lighting, ideal metal chandelier or dimensional floor lamp. A note of glamor can make a mirror in the Baroque style or a carpet with an animal print.

Through the use of a loft, a living room can turn into a multifunctional room that can unite even such far-away rooms as a bedroom or a loft-style dining room.