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Curtains from organza (22 photos): light decoration for comfort and privacy


Such a universal transparent fabric, like organza, is much to the taste, as it fits into any modern interior. Organza can be hung in the bedroom, living room, nursery, bathroom, in the kitchen, used as a room curtain separating the room or original light tulle.

In such an important quality as universality, the advantages of organza do not end. It's time to note several advantages of this weightless fabric:

  • Aesthetics. Transparent organza on the window looks like a veil, protecting the room from the bright light, while decorating it.
  • Functionality. Unusual functional curtains-veil, tulle or Roman curtains can be embroidered, perforated and laser treated.
  • Ease. On the one hand, such curtains give weightlessness to the interior, on the other hand, they are literally easy to hang and remove, due to their low weight.
  • Practicality. Organza curtains do not crumple or deform; they serve for a long time and do not lose their shape.
  • Strength. Despite the fineness of the material, tulle and organza are not thinning, and they will not tear when awkwardly moving.
  • Easy to care. Tulle and organza curtains are easy to wash.



Decorating an apartment with organza curtains

Buying organza curtains is the first step towards the design of an unusual apartment design. You can use them in all sorts of ways, while combining with Roman, Austrian and other types of curtains. Roman curtains in this case create the perfect combination that fits any room. You can hang the organza on the grommets, which will also look harmonious and elegant both in the kitchen and in the nursery. In the hall you can hang out organza curtains with an original lambrequin - in the living room such a window will look elegant and presentable.



Curtains of organza in the bedroom

For the bedroom, it is best to choose curtains with thick curtains, so that in the mornings the sun does not beat in your eyes, or to combine them with Roman curtains or blinds. The rest of the organza-veil will perfectly complement the atmosphere of peace in the room. You can also choose an organza of silvery and golden shades. This design is the best for this type of fabric.



Living room and hall

The living room is spent most of the time, guests gather here, relax after a work day, drink tea and watch TV. Curtains with lambrequins will decorate the interior of the living room, as the hall must always carry an element of solemnity. Also transparent curtains with patterns in different colors will look good. In addition to the two options, fit multi-layer curtains, curtains with fringe and embroidery.



Curtains from organza in the nursery

Organza curtains are associated with a fairy tale for many, and with a holiday for children. Multi-colored organza in the nursery - the best solution. Magic and wonders will add an interesting pattern on the fabric. The curtain of the veil in the room can be decorated with fairies or superheroes, which is suitable for both boys and girls of any age!



Due to its practicality, organza in the kitchen will not be a hassle. Even if the curtains will often get dirty, they are easy to wash. But it is not recommended to keep them close to the stove, for security reasons, you can hang short or Roman curtains. An interesting option for the interior of the kitchen - dividing curtains. You can hang the organza separating the dining area and kitchen area, thus giving the room functionality. In addition, organza curtains are suitable for creating almost any kitchen design, they can be combined with any fabrics, colors and textures.




Organza Curtains on Grommets

Cringles - the universal design invention consisting of two parts: a ring and a block. Several sealing holes on the curtains, they can be made of plastic or metal. A ring is put on top of the fixture, on which the curtains themselves are subsequently hung. Upstairs, these curtains have a thicker lining for the holes, but they look like a completely solid canvas. Sometimes grommets are not at all visible from under the eaves, with them you can easily adjust the length. The main advantage of the grommets in their strength - any awkward movement will not tear the curtains off the hinges.

Embroidery adorns any curtains, but on organza it looks especially original. It is convenient to wash them both manually and on a typewriter; they do not require ironing, since they themselves are easily straightened. Embroidery with flowers in the kitchen will give a special gloss to the design of the room, especially if you pick up pot holders, a tablecloth with the same theme from flowers. Of all types of fabrics, textures and patterns, flowers are the most common theme of decoration.