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Red furniture in interior design (20 photos): stylish bright accents


Modern experts at home never cease to amaze with fresh finds. Without their ideas in design, progress would slow down, and human curiosity would lose ground for this current feeling. In the series of new products that are replicated with enviable consistency in specialized journals, one can often see mahogany in all its beauty. Fashion for him is associated with the Middle Ages, it is from there in Europe begins the worship of this remarkable texture of an exclusive color solution, which gave rise to several styles at once.

The chronicles say that in the Middle Ages the interiors of noble European houses were enriched with colors of wood that had never been seen before. This species of trees grows only in Cuba, Jamaica and some countries in Latin America. Therefore, the living room, in the design of which there is mahogany furniture, indicates the high status of its owner. After all, the supply of wood is limited, and the products are extremely expensive, whether it be a table in the dining room or an elegant stand for a decorative vase in the hallway. And, nevertheless, it should be noted that the game is worth the candle, and the design for any interior will only benefit if there is red furniture in it:

  • objects and the interior as a whole from "mahagoni" possess an aesthetics an order of magnitude higher than any other wood;
  • your kitchen will look elegant and elegant;
  • you will find that the objects in your living room flicker with an amazing color in the light of the sun's rays, like a flame in a fireplace;
  • there is a guarantee that mahogany furniture will stay in the room for many decades, because it is practically timeless;
  • this breed of wood is red in color, from which a wonderful table can turn out, incredible in strength, and solid almost as much as metal;
  • standing in your bedroom or in the living room, in the kitchen or in the hallway, she is not afraid of moisture, she is not afraid of temperature drops.

This red tree is difficult to spoil any furniture.





Red furniture: revolutionism and classicism in one bottle

Modern industry does not stand still. Therefore, the furniture of the luxurious color "mahogany" is made to diversify the interior of the house not only from wood, but also from its by-products. Products of this color, although they do not look equally luxurious, but with skillful design they acquire originality and freshness of perception. So, they are able to breathe newness into the design of your bedroom, as well as the kitchen and, of course, the living room, where the table in a modern variety of color palette will look truly amazing. With the help of masters of creating coziness, red bathroom furniture becomes not screaming kitsch, but an exquisite means of relaxation and bliss.




A few tips for creating interior saturation

It should be remembered that the saturation effect in the design is achieved with the help of texture, for example, the smooth surface of the table or the leather sofa in the living room can add brilliance, and with it the color sharpness in the interior; Against its background, the furniture will look more rich and spectacular.




Passion and self confidence

Masters of compiling an optimal interior consider that the color we are considering should symbolize courage, passion and self-confidence of the owner of the table or couch placed in the hallway or in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the living room. If we are talking about upholstered furniture, here the color of wood can be shaded by a neutral upholstery. In the case when the cabinet furniture is solid red, especially in the bedroom, this can create an atmosphere of oppression and suppression. A cheerful and "energetic" kitchen is one thing; the entrance hall can also carry dynamism in itself, but the decor of the bedroom should be more relaxing, performed in this room of more neutral colors. Only fragments of, in fact, wood are able to emphasize the sophistication of the interior. And of course, the furniture of poisonous shades, even for the kitchen, is definitely unacceptable.