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Banquette in the interior design (20 photos): a soft addition


The bench is an indispensable tool in the house, especially where comfort and functionality are loved. This piece of furniture is not at all obligatory and is considered decorative, but its appearance gives the room a certain zest, and the decorative effect goes into a functional component.

  1. Most often in Russia and the CIS, the stools are purchased for the hallway so that it is more convenient to put on shoes or sit down after the road. The stool in the hallway is often purchased in a small size and with a box so that it is convenient to store all sorts of small things, such as shoe polish. A banquette with a folding shoe box is also suitable for an entrance hall, which is undoubtedly very convenient and saves space. Since in the hallway this piece of furniture is used quite often, it is better to purchase it with upholstery made of durable material - leather. A backrest stool is often used in waiting areas; it can also be a corridor or dressing room. If there is a telephone in your hallway and you often have to write something down, then, most likely, you will have a stool with a wooden drawer for trifles, armrests and a backrest - it is convenient to put the phone on it and sit comfortably during a conversation.
  2. Banquettes in the dining room is also no exception, since in the case of a visit of the guests this is the acquisition of several additional comfortable seating places. As usual, this piece of furniture for the kitchen space is chosen rectangular and somewhat higher than the stool for the hallway. And so that the banquette in the kitchen served for a long time and had a pleasant appearance, it is worth choosing it from easily washable and moisture-resistant materials, for example from wenge.
  3. Banquettes are a very frequent element in the bedroom. They are located at the foot of the bed, and near the dressing table. A very good option for a bedside stool for a bedroom is to choose it in Provence style in the form of a bench. If you put it at the foot of the bed, then it is convenient to fold decorative pillows and a bedspread during sleep. And near the dressing table perfectly fit round, trimmed with eco-leather, or soft velvet bench, creating additional comfort.
  4. Banquettes in the living room can be very diverse both in form and in the finishing material. Very interesting is the fact that the bench in this place may not even fit into the interior itself, but at the same time it will remain an integral part of it and a self-sufficient piece of furniture. The most advantageous height for a stool in the living room is no higher than ordinary furniture, such as a sofa or a coffee table.




Variety banquettes

The variety of types of banquettes is amazing: they can help to make your interior more formal or soft and cozy. You can create an ideal place for reading only by one banquette with a box for books, or after a long day you can relax on a sofa in front of a fireplace or a TV, throwing your legs on a small round banquette.



Poof or bench

There are very few differences between these two interior items. Poof or ottoman often do low and without legs. The ottomans for the most part resemble large soft pillows of various shapes and colors. Poufs are often used not as a place to sit, but as a footrest. The role of ottomans is more decorative than functional, although there are also hidden built-in drawers in them where small things can be folded. They are also more often frameless.




The right choice of stools

When choosing a stool, it is worthwhile to draw some points so that, after a short exploitation, it does not become clear that it is made poorly.

  1. Quality firmware upholstery material. The seams should be made carefully, without sticking out threads, and also without using different seams - it should be of the same type on the entire product. The lack of proper quality will also show the threads: if they use thick and coarse threads on a thin material or thin threads on a dense material, such a product will quickly become unusable.
  2. Practicality. If you are looking for a padded stool or a bench for frequent seating, it is better to choose upholstery from durable materials such as leatherette, leather or eco-leather. Such materials as velvet and fur are perfect for a decorative role, as they are soiled and not very practical.
  3. Purpose The bench should be chosen for the place where you will use it. For example, a banquette with a shoe box is not very suitable for a bedroom, a Provence banquette or a wenge tree will fit in there much better. A wrought-iron bench is more suitable for a terrace than for use in the living room or in the dining room.
  4. Color selection. This item, of course, is chosen individually for the main colors of the walls, furniture and even lighting. However, it is worth remembering that the bench can be a very bright and stylish accent, which does not fit, for example, by its contrast, into the relaxed atmosphere of the living room - the bench can be removed if desired, and you can cling to a positive point. Monochromatic (white, black) or restrained colors of the stools are perfect for office or government institutions, fun and bright for schools and kindergartens, entertainment centers.




A banquet is a part of the interior, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern apartment and at the same time you can do perfectly well without it. The bench can be a multifunctional component of the apartment space, and it can have only one function - the seat. Banquettes are used almost everywhere: at home, in shops, schools, airports, shopping centers, hospitals and other institutions. The bench fits absolutely any style of interior, or it can be a bright independent unit.