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Blue bathroom (20 photos): sea calm


When making a bathroom, each family has its own goals. Choosing blue as the main color, people usually want to get inner peace, balance, peace and relaxation. Blue color and its shades cause associations with the boundless ocean or cloudless sky. The coldness of this color scares many, but by correctly placing accents in the bathroom, you can achieve the perfect result.

Blue is considered difficult to perceive color. But a well-designed bathroom using blue and blue shades will not be banal and beaten.

The blue color in the bathroom must be applied dosed. Do not let it dominate other colors. It is better to use several blue shades, especially if there is a need to divide the space into zones.

In addition to the use of blue colors on the walls, you can also create an interesting design using blue plumbing. For example, you can buy a blue bathroom or sink. In a regular store, these are most likely not available. But under the order you can buy an exclusive option. In combination with gold fittings and accessories you get a luxurious interior. And if you add it to the wooden floor and furniture, you get a cozy room.

Enhance the soothing blue effect will allow the choice of the right lighting. The bathroom involves spending time with the aim of relaxing from stressful working days, putting your thoughts and body in order at any time of the day. Therefore, the lighting should be sufficient and planned in such a way as to help induce beauty to women and men. The light should be dispersed around the room, to be soft and pleasant to the eye.



The combination of blue with other colors

As noted above, the blue color should be carefully applied in the bathroom. Combining it with other colors, it will be possible to create your own cozy atmosphere and set the right mood for each day. The following are the most popular and interesting combinations of blue.

Blue with white - classic bathroom design

Interior designers are most often advised to dilute blue with white. With proper use of these colors, you can get a room that will only please the eyes for a long time.

Using simultaneous use of blue and blue shades and white color, two tasks can be solved at once. White color will help to visually enlarge the space, and blue will add freshness to it. It is ideal for very small and small bathrooms. In such interiors, it is recommended to do the finishing of the walls and the ceiling in white, and to use blue for furniture, accessories, a rug and window decorations. Sex in this case is better to issue in bright colors, so as not to attract additional attention to it.



Blue and green are related colors

The interior of the bathroom in the blue-green version has a beneficial effect on people. These neighboring, related, not contrasting colors with the right choice of shades will make the room harmonious, vibrant and calm.

With the help of a blue-green mosaic tile mono create a marine mood in the bathroom. For association with the waves, you can use turquoise, azure, blue tones in combination with dark blue tiles. This solution will add dynamism to the design.