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Bedroom furniture: how to choose and place in the room (34 photos)


According to statistics, a person spends about 30% of his life in a dream. Sleep is a deep rest, it is during sleep that the body regains its resources, so when you design your apartment you need to take the bedroom seriously.



Once again remind you of how important it is that our bed is comfortable, not worth it. The first thing you need to make measurements of your bedroom. This is necessary to ensure that the bed fits properly in the bedroom. Having come to the furniture store, it would be nice to make sure that the bed is of sufficient strength and reliability. If possible, lie down on it. In this case, you should be comfortable, comfortable. Given your height, you should feel free, the bed should be spacious.



When choosing a bed, you need to take into account the size of your bedroom. Furniture for a small bedroom should have a compact size. In this case, minimalism is important. The same goes for the bed. A bed of impressive size will take most of your rest room. There will be very little free space. In this, you see, pleasant enough. If your bedroom is spacious, then you can safely buy a bed for sleeping, even of king size.



When choosing a color, the appearance of the bed is worth paying attention to the style of the interior of his bedroom. If the bedroom is bright, in bright colors, then the bed should be appropriate. Black bed perfectly fit into the bedroom with a predominance of black, dark colors. Bedroom with dark furniture - just for the black bed. In general, the color of the bed is an individual matter. Here, fully rely on your taste and sensations.

On sale there are beds with additional compartments, drawers. It is convenient to store bedding, clothes and other things in them. You can also purchase a bed complete with additional furniture that is attached to it (trellis, bedside tables, etc.). By purchasing such furniture, you get one big advantage - such furniture will match in color and style. This will save time that you can spend searching for furniture, according to the color and design of the corresponding bed. However, there is a drawback - when rearranging furniture in this case, additional efforts will have to be expended.



Choosing other bedroom furniture

Naturally, the bed - an important piece of furniture for the bedroom. Now consider what else you can buy in your room for rest.

First of all, after buying a bed, you should immediately purchase along with her a “bedside set”: a table and nightstands. The bedside table or table should be made in the same style and color as the bed itself. Well, if you want to give your bedroom a unique style, it is better to purchase furniture for your rest room separately.




So, what else, besides the bed, should be in the bedroom? Definitely worth buying a dresser. Nowadays, dressers have become as much an integral part of bedrooms as beds or wardrobes. In the chest you can put clothes, linen, jewelry, documents and other necessary things. Above the chest will look very useful mirror. Firstly, this is a very important element for the bedroom, and secondly, the mirror will visually expand the space of your room for rest.

So what about the bedroom without a closet or wardrobe? In this regard, you can advise the wardrobe - it saves space compared to a conventional wardrobe. This is true for a small room where minimalism is appreciated. However, for a small bedroom, high racks would still be preferable - minimalism is minimalism.




Do not forget about ecology

The bedroom is the place where we enjoy the rest, the place where we spend the most pleasant time in life, therefore, it is important that there is a healthy atmosphere in this room. So, when choosing furniture for the bedroom, you need to pay attention to what materials it is made of, how harmless these materials are. Cheap furniture is usually made not only from poor-quality materials, but also from harmful to the body. Such furniture is not only the cause of unpleasant smell, but also the emergence and aggravation of various diseases.




In terms of ecology, it is better to choose furniture made from natural materials, for example, from solid oak, pine, larch. People with allergies to natural wood, it is better to purchase a bed, chest of drawers, a wardrobe made of chipboard, veneer or MDF. In this case, also fit a bed made of metal.

How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom

The optimal arrangement of furniture in the bedroom - the availability of free space in sufficient quantity. It is desirable, first on a piece of paper to draw a plan for the proposed placement of furniture. If the bedroom is small, then you have to sacrifice the amount of furniture. Choosing furniture for a small bedroom, it is worth paying attention to transforming furniture - folding furniture. This option is also suitable for rooms that combine several functions (for example, children's and living room, study and bedroom and so on).




How to arrange the furniture? If the bedroom is small, then it is better to put a bed near the wall with a headboard to it. With this placement of the bed there will be a feeling of comfort, security. It is undesirable to place a bed near a window or a radiator - the temperature in these places often changes, which can adversely affect your well-being. You should not have a bed near the doorway, where often there are drafts. In addition, it is contrary to the principles of Feng Shui. Double beds should be arranged so that everyone who sleeps on these beds is comfortable to approach and get up from them. The distance from the bed to the wall should be at least 70 cm.

Bedroom furniture color

The color of the furniture is certainly a very important factor, especially for the bedroom. Color affects our mood, the quality of our rest depends on it. For example, rich bright colors for a bedroom are a bit out of place. Also, not everyone will be pleased with the black bedroom. Still, there are more suitable calm, moderate colors: pastel, brown, olive, beige. Of course, this is a matter of taste. Someone will feel comfortable in the bedroom in black, someone in brown. Someone likes a room in bright colors, someone in dark, but experts still advise to draw out a room for rest in soothing colors.




In the bedroom, especially if it is designed in high-tech style, there can still be all kinds of equipment:

  • television;
  • music Center;
  • computer;
  • home cinema.