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Fabulous wallpaper for the children's room: a fantasy world (28 photos)


Making a children's room or bedroom is a responsible task, in some ways even more serious than the selection of toys or clothes. The room where children live is not just a part of family housing, but the first place that they can call and feel as their own, personal territory, so necessary for the formation and development of the individual.



That is why properly created interior is so important: colors, silhouettes of details, overall harmony. Use children's wallpaper for walls - a good way to create a joyful and at the same time calm atmosphere in a room provided for a child. The colors and designs of the selected fairy photo wallpapers will create a cozy and attractive corner for the child, will give you a good mood for every day.



Choosing wallpaper for the nursery

What should be different wallpapers in the nursery? Their main purpose is to create a design of a children's room, which is nice to come back from after walks, a kindergarten, a school, where it's nice to wake up, sleep peacefully and sweetly, have fun playing. The second thing to consider is safety for the health of the child, but all decent manufacturers usually take care of this. And the third aspect is the practicality, durability of wallpaper, the ability to care for them.



In the room for girls, especially small ones, beautiful wallpapers with pictures of cute animals and heroines of cartoons will be more appropriate: Masha and the Bear, Winnie the Pooh with friends, Snow White, pretty Winx fairies and charming princesses from Disney cartoons.



The design of the nursery with photo murals should, if possible, correspond to the age of the room inhabitants. If for kids are suitable drawings in the cartoon style, then teenagers, they are likely to seem too childish. It means that more universal ideas should be found for the interior of such a room.



Beautiful and practical

No one will dispute that paper wallpapers are the most affordable and safe in terms of ecology, and it’s best to decorate a children's bedroom or playroom. There are a number of reasons for this choice.



Those who have already encountered a similar problem give the following recommendation: for the youngest, cover the room with wallpaper in two levels - an elegant top, where you can place, for example, bright children's wallpaper with animals suitable for both boys and girls, and a more practical bottom. from wallpaper with a colorful pattern or washable coating. Let the children learn about the world around them and their abilities for their own pleasure, while at the same time smearing and painting the lower tier of the wallpaper. It is easier to replace than to paste over the whole room again.

How to choose wallpaper for the children's room so that they fit children of different ages? This question often arises in a family where there are children with a difference in age of more than 5 years. Of course, one should orient oneself in such a case, rather, to the older or middle children. Versatile in the age plan can be called children's wallpaper with nature. Pictures with beautiful landscapes, cute animals and birds look quite solid for teenagers, but at the same time they are fun enough for kids.

If you choose the wallpaper in the room for the baby can be guided by his favorite cartoons and fairy tales, or even just your own taste, then the interior for a child older than ten years should be formed according to other criteria.