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Interior of a children's room in yellow color: sunny mood (25 photos)


It has long been known that yellow color is a direct symbol of the sun, sunlight, so this color scheme is most often chosen when making a children's bedroom. According to psychologists, the yellow nursery promotes mental development, it is easier to absorb new knowledge.




The radiant yellow color fills the room with a solar glow, which is why the kid in his room will feel extremely comfortable, protected. The use of such a color palette helps relieve tension, increases positive emotions. Great mood, positive charge of cheerfulness - the components of yellow. Free, colorful, yellow color in the interior is rightly compared to joy, happiness. Being in such an environment brings a feeling of warmth, it is easier and faster to warm up in it.




Child surrounded by yellow

Constantly being in a yellow room, the child becomes more active, heightened inquisitiveness manifests itself in it. A special role in this is given to the yellow wallpaper, which owns the main space of the room. Bad mood, irritability does not threaten the baby, if it is surrounded by a delicate yellow color. When choosing a room design, you must take into account the amount of sunlight entering the room.



In case of insufficient solar illumination, bright yellow color schemes are best suited, but do not abuse the amount of yellow. Especially it concerns the design of the walls, such a decision leads to fatigue, irritability.

In order for the color in the interior of the nursery to bring only joy, it is necessary to select the right combination of color combinations. Skills of selection of shades have professional designers, so it is best to seek help from them.

Children's furniture of yellow color is most often installed in the rooms of preschoolers. They will definitely like the yellow children's sofa, which, by the way, can become the center of the composition.




The effect of yellow on the child

If you do not plan a large-scale repair, rebuilding a nursery with an absolute replacement of the design, then the yellow color of accessories will beautifully enliven and complement the interior. With the right selection of yellow colors, the child's concentration improves, perseverance increases, decision-making efficiency is stimulated, self-reliance is formed, vitality and intuition increase



The main requirement for the design of the nursery is the limited use of the central color. The uniform distribution of shades builds the atmosphere that tunes the child to a positive mood.

Not bad look room, where used a point application of yellow tones. They are also used in distinguishing individual zones. Yellow color is associated with activity, but it needs to be applied in doses in order not to get a negative effect. Yellow wallpapers are best combined with neutral shades or apply muted colors. Despite the fact that the classic yellow is quite juicy, it has a very large number of shades: from bright gold to a pale color of butter.

For self-confident children, yellow wallpapers are perfect, emphasizing their originality and originality. Excessive saturation of yellow tones, especially for walls, can lead to irritation, prevent rest. Your child will feel better, more confident, if the room has yellow curtains that help to create the impression of warmth, light.



Quite good results are obtained when yellow is added to accessories with a mostly neutral tone. The yellow palette in the nursery can be reduced with bed linen or curtains of a contrasting color, this is done when the baby is a little over-excited.

The use of yellow decorative pillows, a beautiful picture helps a child to acquire peace. Such a decision helps to develop the qualities needed in adulthood.



When choosing a night light or ceiling chandelier, you must take into account all the colors in the design of the color flow, but do not forget that the design of lighting fixtures must also be yellow.

Recently, models with LED backlight have become very popular. This allows you to smoothly change the shade of lighting. Equipped with this kind of lighting, the nursery in yellow becomes attractive.

At the entrance to the nursery, you can hang beautiful yellow curtains that complement the interior. On the free walls place comfortable shelves for toys and children's books. And it is also a good idea to arrange interesting drawings of the child on them. At the door, behind the yellow curtains to fix the height meter for the baby. In the children's room you can put a tent-house, a decorative box for toys, a small table for practicing drawing.



These items are best chosen in a single color scheme, based on, for example, using a combination of yellow and turquoise and buying items in such colors.



Any parent wants their baby to grow up inquisitive, intelligent, diversified, and the children's bedroom, decorated in yellow shades, helps in solving such a problem. Living, playing in the nursery in yellow tones, even children with a slow reaction become much more collected.