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The decor of old chairs: a few simple ways to design (22 photos)


Creating coziness and beauty in your own home is a pleasant and exciting experience. And for creative people, there is also a way to realize ideas, add a touch of individuality to the interior, and make it unique. Surely in every house there is one or even several chairs that continue to faithfully serve, but do not fit into the existing design of the room, look untidy or just tired. Alteration of such chairs is a great way to embody design ideas, apply imagination and decorating skills.

Chairs, old and even new, you can decorate, change their appearance, stylize in different ways and materials. The most popular ways to decorate chairs are:

  • decoupage;
  • painting;
  • fabric cover;
  • decor ribbons and other small items.

How you will decorate the chair depends on the skills and abilities. Indeed, for example, decoupage technique is not available to everyone. But to paint and decorate a chair with ribbons or a cord is available to almost everyone.





If you think that the decor of chairs with a cloth is a very monotonous occupation, this is not at all the case. With the help of the cut of matter, you can:

  • sew a special cover on the entire chair;
  • to tie up the details of the chair with wide patchwork strips;
  • make a cover on the part of the chair - the back of the chair or seat;
  • to decorate a chair with a decor from a cut of fabric: bow, flower and so on.

In most cases, the decor of the chairs depends on your imagination and the materials at hand. But do not forget to follow the general style, which is inherent in the whole apartment or room, when remaking this piece of furniture.

Depending on the features of the interior and the rest of the furniture, the texture, color, and thickness of the fabric for reworking the chair are selected. By the way, in such a simple way you can temporarily make an ordinary chair wedding or stylized as a historical or cinematic object for a party.

In addition, in the decor of the chairs you can use:

  • Natural flowers;
  • all kinds of figures;
  • emblems;
  • carved from plywood or wood words;
  • signs;
  • beads;
  • stickers.

It all depends on imagination, decorating skills and the ability to use certain materials in the work.



The decor of the chairs is a common way to revitalize the interior, both apartment and cottage. By the way. For giving alteration of chairs - the real rescue. After all, from the old, unnecessary piece of furniture, you can create a real decorating miracle that will not only perform its functions, but also make the dacha interior complete, atmospheric. The easiest way to decorate a chair is its painting. The most current colors for painting:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • green.

Moreover, chairs painted with all the above-listed colors can be used as a surface for further application of various ornaments and designs, applications and other decor.




If you decide to make the decor of the chairs with a cloth yourself, you will need, in addition to the directly old or annoying chair:

  • upholstery fabric;
  • construction stapler;
  • screwdriver;
  • tape measure;
  • scissors;
  • pencil (better sewing, which can be washed off or erased).

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the seat from its base, remove the old upholstery, remove the previous fasteners (staples of the construction stapler). Take the removed seat, use it as a template, redraw on the paper the dimensions and shape. On the basis of it, make a pattern of fabric, taking into account all the allowances for bends (2-4 cm, depending on the fabric and its flowability, since the edges of the parts for such things, as a rule, are not processed).

Surely everyone will find at home satin or lace ribbons. With their help, you can turn a chair into an element of a festive or wedding decor. Depending on how wide the satin ribbon is to choose, from it you can make a bow on the back of the chair, waist, and a volumetric flower. The same can be done from lace, textile ribbons with an ornament. That is, depending on which stylistics you adhere to, simply choosing fabric tapes, paint, decor, other components, you can create unique interior items of a certain style.



The most popular design chairs with ribbons in the design of wedding furniture. To do this, you can choose any chairs, as the most simple, plastic, and from expensive wood. Correctly tied textile bow will allow you to achieve the desired mood and stylistic hue. It is also important to observe the color palette: on a chair painted white, the bows of emerald, lavender, blue and other rich, rich colors will look perfect.



Decoupage old chair

In addition to the most simple ways to change the usual household items, including furniture, one of the popular methods was decoupage, that is, the transformation of the surface by sticking to it other materials, drawings, ornaments, textures and other things. With it, it became possible to turn simple. Banal things in the real works of art. And it is available not only to eminent designers, artists and craftsmen, but also to ordinary people.




In order to arrange a chair or any other piece of furniture in this technique, you need some knowledge and skills, which, however, can be acquired in the process.

You can decorate the chair in any way. One of the simplest ones is to tie satin, chiffon, velor or velvet ribbons back, drag the seat over them, make bows. The decor of the chairs depends only on the imagination and on the materials used. Otherwise, only your imagination and desire is important, as well as the need to rework furniture according to a certain style. From the usual old chair you can make the basis of the interior, the object of the photo shoot. Do not be afraid to dream, embody ideas.