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Mirror in the bedroom: ideas of accommodation (28 photos)


Designers are advised to add mirrors to the interior to add lightness to space, but many do not dare to take such a step, considering that the mirror in the bedroom is not the place. A bedroom is a room where a person who is tired during the day wants to relax, therefore the atmosphere of this room should be soothing and relaxing.




Feng Shui experts advice on how to place a mirror in the bedroom

Mirrors have a positive effect on the energy of the house, but they should be placed carefully in the bedroom. If the mirrors in the bedroom are positioned incorrectly, they will absorb positive emotions.



The mirror should be located above the head of the bed, in a dimly lit part of the room, for example, on a table in the corner in order to attract beneficial energy. It can also be placed on the ceiling if the bed is not reflected.

We offer to your attention the successful options of how to place the mirror in the bedroom.



Mirror cabinet

A wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom is the right choice for owners of a spacious room. Especially gorgeous wardrobes built into a niche. In this case, this rather big piece of furniture does not clutter up the space, but compactly merges with the wall and becomes its mirror part.



In order not to lose, calculating the size of the future cabinet, listen to the recommendations of leading designers. They argue that if the floor space is half full of furniture, such a room will not be beautiful. First, determine the dimensions of the bed. Based on its size, calculate how much space you allocate to the wardrobe, bedside tables, chairs and other furniture.



How to care for mirrors

If you do not take care of the mirror surface, it will lose its brilliance, so it is important to get acquainted with the information on how to properly care for the mirror in order to prolong its service life:

  • Due to excessive moisture, the mirror is stained. Clean no more than once a month.
  • If direct sunlight falls on the surface, it will quickly fade. Try to hang the mirror differently.
  • Do not use window cleaners. Because of ammonia, which is in the composition, a thin layer of silver is washed off.
  • If the mirror does not shine enough, moisten the linen flap with a strong infusion of tea, squeeze the cloth well and wipe the surface. This method was also used by our grandmothers. Also add salt water brilliance.
  • For weekly care, wipe the mirror surface with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Traces of flies can be easily removed with a cut onion.
  • If hairspray stains appeared on the mirror, they can be removed with a solution of vinegar. On a glass of water is taken a spoon of nine per cent vinegar.




A mirror is a subject that is often endowed with magical properties, but because of this, you should not be afraid to place it in the bedroom. Enough to study the advice of experts on feng shui and not too zealous with the number of mirrors, so that they become a real decoration of your room.