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Soft floor in the nursery - safety of first steps (25 photos)


There is a huge range of products on the flooring market that will help to create a stylish interior design, fill the space with harmony, add comfort, but soft floor is a real revolution - a beautiful and comfortable flooring that is especially important when designing children's rooms and play areas.




What is soft floor?

Soft floor - high-quality coating that can ensure the safety of the child, insulation and noise insulation. Even a fall on such a floor would be less traumatic for children than the floor for a nursery from other, traditional materials.




Manufacturers offer different soft floors. Today there are three main options:

  • EVA floors;
  • Self-leveling floors;
  • cork floors.



Soft floor EVA and its characteristics

The soft floor EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, which in its technical characteristics resembles rubber. The material is flexible, high quality and resistant to deformation. In addition, the floor material is hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent option for a children's playroom.




Soft floor for children's rooms has certain differences from other floor materials. Its main characteristics are as follows:

  • the floor in the children's room will be warm due to the thermal insulation of the material;
  • even jumping on the floor will not interfere with the neighbors from the bottom - good EVA insulation will help;
  • elements are easy to fold, and if necessary, you can quickly and easily disassemble;
  • the color of the floor is easy to choose at your discretion due to the abundance of color solutions of the elements;
  • the coating is odorless, it is completely safe for children;
  • It washes well, is not exposed to chemicals, is resistant to moisture and chemicals.



Modern soft floor is often used for decoration of dacha rooms, small playgrounds around the house, in bedrooms, in gyms and even in office rooms, but most often this material is bought in the nursery.

Thinking through the interior of the child’s room, parents try to create an environment that will delight and elevate their spirits. An important point is safety. All these criteria meet the good sex of the EVA. Of course, a cozy, warm and colorful children's carpet can be a good alternative to a soft floor. But bulky palaces are not at all practical in the house where a small child lives. They will have to constantly wash, and this is quite a difficult task, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Small soft children's rugs on the floor, which are interconnected according to the principle of puzzles, will help the child to get rid of the hassle of washing, to give the child bright colors.

Separate elements of the manufacturers are of different sizes and shapes, but no matter what customers choose, the principle of their connection is very simple, which allows you to quickly lay a comfortable floor on the floor and just as quickly disassemble it and move it to another room or even to the street.

Bulk floor for the nursery

Another option for soft flooring - self-leveling floor in the nursery. They are made using self-leveling mixtures, with the result that they get a smooth, smooth surface that provides pleasant tactile sensations.

Parents who choose a cork floor in a nursery can be completely calm. The floor covering will provide comfort, warmth and protect even active, active children from injury.

The color of the cork floor is mostly neutral, characteristic of this type of material. There may be variations on the theme of shades, but bright colors, ornaments and patterns are not about cork flooring. Although modern designers are able to create original solutions due to the game of shades.