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Making the ceiling in the house and apartment: special secrets (39 photos)


Making the ceiling in the room definitely takes the main role. If your apartment is planning a large-scale repair, maybe you should come up with something more original than the snow-white color over your head? There are many options for how to decorate the ceiling, you can also implement interesting ideas for decoration with your own hands. Consider the design of the ceiling.



Ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles will help to create original ideas for the design of the ceiling, as well as disguise defects, chips and cracks. It will save the family budget, as it does not have to align and prepare the ceiling. This type of finish is suitable for any room.

Making the ceiling in the kitchen with the help of a ceiling tile has the advantages: it is easy to clean, the detergent depends on the material used.

This type of ceiling decoration is the most expensive, but at the same time aesthetic and stylish. It is very popular and is often found in various rooms. The stretch ceiling has its advantages:

  • Ideally smooth surface.
  • Overlap any irregularities.
  • The design of stretch ceilings has a variety of: glossy, satin and matte surfaces.
  • The ability to hold gravity in case of flooding the room.
  • Stretch material is not afraid of moisture, which means that such ceilings in the bathroom and in the kitchen can be safely used.



Dropped ceilings

Such ceilings are definitely popular and have an average price. The ceilings in the wooden house, in the apartments and even in the office premises are decorated in this way. Suspended ceilings are the metal construction on which various finishing materials are mounted.

They are the best finish. Making a ceiling with drywall will help to give free rein to the imagination, to bring interesting ideas to life, for example, to create a multi-level ceiling. Also, drywall hides defects. The only drawback is the fear of moisture, it is not recommended to use such a ceiling in the bathroom.

It is made using MDF and fiberboard. Plates used in the design can imitate wood, tile and even natural stone. The advantages of registration:

  • a variety of colors;
  • possibility of use at any level of humidity;
  • strength and durability.

Another good option for ceiling decoration. In comparison with tension and suspended has a cheaper price.

PVC panels are not afraid of temperature fluctuations, which allows you to install spotlights. The ceiling of the panels will help to hide the pipes and wiring, besides, this option of finishing will not be difficult to do with your own hands.




Wallpaper on the ceiling

You can use ready-made wallpaper with any drawings and design, buy wallpaper for painting or use the option of special wallpaper designed for the ceiling (such wallpaper is called liquid). Keep in mind that for the implementation of this method, the surface of the ceiling should be perfectly flat.



After getting acquainted with the finishes, it is easier to choose the appropriate method, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages. Also, the design of the ceiling is largely dependent on the check-out room.

Ceiling decoration in the living room can be done using any of the methods of finishing. The ceiling in the living room must meet the following requirements:

  • Beautiful design;
  • ideally flat surface;
  • combination with the overall design of the room.

If funds allow, an excellent option for a living room would be a stretch or multi-level ceiling made of plasterboard. If your budget is limited, you can pokleit wallpaper for painting, and depending on the overall interior of the room to arrange the ceiling.





The requirements for the ceiling in the bedroom are almost identical with the living room criteria. The only caveat - the design of the ceiling in the bedroom should have to rest and relaxation, that is, it is undesirable to focus on it. For example, a mirrored ceiling will not be a very good solution in a room designed for sleeping.

If you want to visually expand the space, you should look at the glossy stretch ceilings of light shades.





By choosing the ceiling in the kitchen should be approached more seriously, because in the kitchen constant temperature drops. Therefore, the design of the ceiling in the kitchen must first of all be moisture-proof and easy to undergo maintenance. Wallpapering is absolutely not suitable for the kitchen because of its fragility. It is worth looking at the PVC panels or suspended ceiling.




Criteria for choosing a ceiling in the bathroom are even more demanding, because, in addition to temperature drops, constant humidity and evaporation are observed. Plasterboard and wallpaper ceilings in the bathroom will not fit.



For small bathrooms, suspended mirrored ceilings will be the best solution, which visually expands the space and adds light and brilliance.

Children's room

Ceiling decoration in the nursery should create a fabulous atmosphere. You can use absolutely any kind of finish to your taste. Today, the popular decoration of the ceiling in the nursery multi-level plaster ceilings. You can create your own decorative decoration for the ceiling: with phosphor figures, balloons and even create unique motifs with the help of fabric.



We turn to the choice of the ceiling, depending on the type of house built.


For Khrushchev characterized by low ceilings. It is not reasonable to install stretch and suspended ceilings in such houses, which will steal precious centimeters. Registration of low ceilings should be carried out without losing the extra centimeters. Ceiling tiles, sticking wallpaper in bright colors and well-placed lamps around the perimeter will visually expand the space.



New building

Modern new buildings have more spacious rooms with high ceilings. As a rule, in new buildings ideally even ceilings, so you can use any type of finish without exception.

Private houses

In their houses, first of all, they must be warm, therefore, the ceiling in a private house should be as warm as possible. To do this, use carskasnye design using insulating materials. In a wooden house, ceilings are usually made with different types of stretch materials.

To get a sufficient amount of warm light, it is enough to position the chandelier strictly in the center of the ceiling. This type of lighting is universal, it can be used in any interior, with any method of finishing. Pay attention to the weight of the chandelier; it is unacceptable to place too heavy a chandelier on plaster and false ceilings. In order not to experience inconvenience, modern technologies came to the rescue - integrated lighting.

Integrated lighting has the following advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • lighting around the perimeter of the room;
  • easy installation and replacement of lamps with your own hands;
  • the ceiling in a wooden house can also be equipped with such lamps. Built-in lights do not heat the ceiling, so you can safely apply them on any kind of ceiling decoration.



LED Strip Light

An interesting design of the ceilings in the apartment can be created using LED strip. The tape is used in the form of primary and secondary lighting. For example, the ceiling in the corridor or in the kitchen can be arranged with the help of such a tape as an additional one, so that you do not have to switch on the main one. In addition, you can choose different shades of colors. Such lighting is suitable for any kind of finish.