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Decorative facade lighting: the pros and cons (24 photos)


Decorative lighting of the facade of the building is quite a popular phenomenon in the field of lighting design. Outdoor lighting of the subject of architecture is used to highlight the uniqueness of the structure itself, as well as its beauty. Architectural lighting makes it possible to distinguish the building against the general background, among other buildings, thereby emphasizing the status of the owners of the house. Facade lighting is characterized not only by aesthetics, but also by the conditions for relaxation that are quite conducive to comfort.




Main types of lighting for architectural structures

Sometimes designers organize night lighting for the building, using several types of illumination at once.

Floodlight type

The illumination of the flood view gives the opportunity to demonstrate the architectural concept of the creators, as well as to emphasize the building style in the most efficient way. Illumination of this type is usually used to distribute light on the interior of concrete or stone classical buildings and historical monuments.

Illumination devices are placed on the surface of the roofs of buildings or installed on the ground (lamps for lighting).



However, this type of lighting functions normally only with directional lighting designed to highlight the most curious details of the structure itself. Directional illumination is created using small-sized devices that exhibit a small level of power during their work. Typically, such installations are located on special supports, illuminating the entire perimeter of the structure.



Local lighting

Illumination of the facade of a house of this type is used to point out the most expressive architectural parts of the building: columns, small tablets and relief.



Illumination of the facade of a country house with a hidden structure

Light design presents 3 basic types of local and also hidden illumination.

  • The backlight of a country house silhouette creates a bright and very memorable shape in the absence of detail of extraneous inexpressive elements.
  • Illumination contour provides the building with a light shine. To create something similar, you need to equip the front circuit with LED tape or neon.
  • Special lighting with color dynamics. It is a combined model of the backlight that allows you to change the level of power with which the glow is produced, the color palette and chiaroscuro.



Instructions for the organization of facade lighting

When designing the lighting for the facade of a private house, the owner deals with both tasks at once: the building acquires decorative notes and ensures maximum safety and comfort of moving around the territory in the evening.

The choice of the main configuration of illumination devices should be based on the size of the territory, as well as the specifics of the building. The fundamental electoral factors are:

  • the ownership of the equipment used;
  • the main type of lighting installation;
  • type of attachment;
  • assembly system.