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Garage doors: the main features and benefits (24 photos)


Garage doors must be distinguished by a high level of reliability and durability, because their main purpose is to protect the vehicle from encroachment on the part of intruders. The functionality of the gate can not be overstated, so in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to know what types of garage doors are available now.




To buy a garage door at the present time is quite simple, most manufacturing companies sell ready-made goods, and also manufacture custom-made products. In the second case, before placing the order, it is required to carry out thorough calculations, resolve all issues regarding automation, as well as familiarize yourself with other possibilities of an auxiliary nature.



From this material you will learn:

  • What is better: sectional garage doors or lifting?
  • What types of garage doors are the most popular at this time?
  • What are good sliding garage doors?
  • Why automatic garage doors are among the most sought after?



The benefits of automation

The garage is a place where the car should be completely safe. Usually the garage is located outside the dwelling, but there are options when the garage is located inside the building.

Garage doors, elevating, sliding, automatic or any other are considered the most vulnerable part of the design, as they often have to be exposed to atmospheric and mechanical influences. That is why the metal garage doors are the most popular among car owners. After all, the metal has a high strength and durability.



Ideas on the arrangement of the gate, embodied in reality a few years ago, are very different from the concepts implemented by modern manufacturers. To be honest, in the era of the USSR, the range of this kind of products did not differ much, but in the current years the market began to be filled with completely new types of garage doors that are able to fully satisfy consumer demand.

It would seem that not so long ago, swing gates were the best option for garage doors. They were distinguished by their large dimensions, reliability and the possibility of locking on large locks of a barn type.



Recently, the garage doors have been equipped with various automatic control systems that are easy to operate and are available at the most affordable prices.



Usually, automatic type gates are classified into 2 types: household gates and industrial gates. The second option is available with a basis for many opening and closing cycles (most often in an upright position).



The price of the finished product may vary depending on the characteristics of the gate and their size. Anyway, you should not save on this purchase, because the garage room should be securely protected. It is recommended to equip the doors with a special device - an electric drive - in order not to waste time on the closing and opening procedure.



Automatic type gates save a person from having to regularly close and open the gate. In addition, there are several objective advantages of this type of gate, which speak for themselves:

  • Easy to manage. To carry out any action, the owner will not have to leave his car. He can open the gate by pressing a single button on the control panel. In particular, such a system brings considerable convenience when it is raining or snowing outside.
  • Save time. The process of controlling an automatic garage door takes literally a few seconds. Such a system acquires the greatest relevance at a time when the driver has to hurry.
  • The presence of special programs. For owners of automatic type gates, it is possible to set the time interval during which the garage doors should close. A very convenient feature to ensure the continued safety of the garage.
  • Practicality. Automatic garage doors are easy to operate. They can be installed in almost any room. The dimensions of the car do not affect the size of the gate - the design can be made for any parameters.



Varieties of garage doors

Swing garage doors are a double-wing design. Due to the use of steel of great thickness, such gates are characterized by increased security. In some cases, for the manufacture of swing-type gates, sheet-type iron, sandwich panels, and wooden panels are used.

Double-wing gates have very strong bolts, as well as anti-detachable pins, various locks for safes.

Wooden gates for sale are represented by a variety of different models with different designs. Especially popular are wooden gates with forged elements. All wooden gates are very easy to install and serve their masters for a very long time.

Sliding gates have a door design, which is typical for wardrobe doors. The guide, which is located above the door opening and moves to the side when opening, enters into the design of this door. Most often, these gates are installed in private garages and industrial enterprises.

Swiveling garage doors make it possible to maximize the width of the opening. These doors can be very easily automated, sometimes they are equipped with a wicket. The gate itself is installed in the area of ​​the canvas. The main disadvantage of the swing gates is the fact that the flap opening can damage the nearest object. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully measure the distance.

Roll-type gates for a garage room operate according to the same principles as the roller shutters. The canvas of the garage door itself (its design includes aluminum plates), twisting, takes the form of a convenient roll attached to the wall at the entrance itself or on the ceiling surface.