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Male interior: design features (24 photos)


Male apartment interior is much different from the female. Male style is characterized by a large free area with a minimum of clutter. Representatives of the stronger sex do not like cluttered premises, they tend to open space. This provides freedom of movement and allows the best control over the room, which is inherent in any man.



All furnishings must be functional. Such a minimalist approach is characteristic of creating the design of men's rooms. The interior decor is almost completely absent in the men's rooms, so as not to clutter the room once again with unnecessary objects. This is probably one of the main differences from the interior, created by women.

The palette of colors prevailing in the masculine style is mostly monotonous. These are mostly neutral and muted colors. Modern male interior - these are natural shades of color. Colors of metal, stone, natural wood. There may also be elements of sand, olive, amber, black colors. To bring bright details into the interior, predominantly bright fiery or red colors are used. These details will harmoniously fit into the monotonous and strict style.

The restraint and naturalness of the color spectrum is harmonious in a masculine style combined with a maximum of open space and a minimum of decor. Even in the absence of bright accents, such a design will not seem gloomy and boring, but on the contrary, it gives it a special style and rigor.




An important role in creating any interior is played by properly selected lighting. Large chandeliers, despite their luxury and beauty, do not fit into a stylish men's interior. But small lamps, sconces, lighting the ceiling and walls or individual elements (paintings and shelves) will be the ideal option for lighting male space.

To create a stylish men's room, you can use any materials for making furniture, decorating walls and other elements. It all depends on the chosen style, on the preferences of the owner and on social status.

Male style is characterized by the minimum number of decorative elements, but, nevertheless, they have a place to be. They are mainly associated with the owner’s hobbies, traveling or various truly masculine hobbies. All sorts of trophies, photos, maps - a great option for decoration. Also various design novelties and technical will perfectly fit. One of the types of decor will be unique lamps. You can use any copyright design new products.

All men's interiors are characterized by minimalism in creating style. But there are some divisions by style, which differ significantly.

Brutal style

This design direction is characteristic only for the masculine style. It is a rough finish of the walls, it can be an ordinary concrete surface, not finished with anything.

The furniture is mainly made of wood and genuine leather. All elements of furniture and decor are lines without smooth corners.

All this combined gives a certain brutality to the interior. This type of design is chosen mainly by men of young age.

The interior of the men's bedroom requires special attention. In addition to the restrained and minimalist style, there must be some note of romanticism and tenderness. Unlike other rooms, light shades can dominate in the bedroom, providing calmness and carelessness, inviting to rest. Smooth shapes and light wall ornaments are acceptable in this room, giving the rest area a more comfortable atmosphere.

Studio apartment is perfect for creating a male interior in it. As a rule, such apartments are turned into studios with the help of small construction works on the destruction of walls. Thus, the kitchen is combined with the living room. This allows you to create the effect of increasing the space, which is so important for creating a male interior.



Kitchen furniture should occupy a minimum of space, and a man basically does not need huge ovens and everything like that. All furniture is purchased strictly as needed for the performance of important functions.