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Computer chair: features of choice (21 photos)


Today there is a computer or laptop in every home, in some families every household has a gadget. For them, they buy special tables with a sliding keyboard, spend a few hours a day at the monitor. It does not use a special ergonomic computer chair, and the usual kitchen or office chair. As a result, many complain of back problems, cervical chondrosis, leg leaking, and in children and adolescents, curvature of the spine appears.



All this can be avoided, and there is no need to abandon the use of a computer or significantly reduce the working time behind it. It is enough to purchase a specially designed comfortable chair, the design of which will significantly reduce fatigue. Manufacturers offer a variety of models that can easily fit into the interior of your room. It remains only to choose a chair, the most convenient, practical and comfortable.

Many people believe that a standard office chair is perfect for working at a computer. This is true if you sit at the monitor a couple of hours a day, being distracted regularly on trips to neighboring rooms, conversations with customers or partners. Computer and office chairs have common design features: the presence of a pneumatic cartridge, a stable bed with wheels that do not leave marks on linoleum or laminate. At this coincidence ends and the important differences begin. The computer chair has the following features that have a positive effect on ergonomics:

  • the presence of the head restraint - this part allows you to relieve tension from the cervical spine, eliminating the appearance of painful and painful chondrosis in the future;
  • mechanism for changing the angle of the back and seat - allows the chair to adjust to the pose of its owner, while removing the load from the thoracic and lumbar spine;
  • seals in the back and seat - help to evenly distribute the load on different muscle groups;
  • adjustable armrests - in office chairs this part is most often stationary, meanwhile, if you properly adjust the height and angle of the armrest, you can remove the load from the shoulders and neck;
  • lumbar support - a special horizontal relief band, which removes the load from the most vulnerable part of the back;
  • Side seat thickenings - provide the most comfortable fit, prevent gradual sliding.

Some manufacturers offer special foot supplements. Thanks to these devices, you can rest your knees when working at a high computer desk or fold your legs and sit in a reclining position.




Technical features of your chair

In the catalogs of manufacturers of office furniture a lot of original design models. We will help you how to choose a computer chair for the house, and begin with the technical features. Be sure to pay attention to this parameter, as the maximum weight withstand. If you are a powerful physique, then you will not fit models designed for the average person. The most optimal way to opt for the chair, designed for a load of 120-150 kg - the safety factor does not hurt.




An important technical component of the chair is its upholstery. It should allow the human body to breathe, so you should immediately abandon the conventional leatherette used in cheap models.

It is better to give preference to light or dark fabric upholstery, or eco-leather - they are a little more expensive, but provide the maximum degree of comfort. If you choose a chair for daily long-term work, then it is best to purchase a model with mesh upholstery. Are you dreaming of a genuine leather chair? Then purchase it from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. If the skin is of poor quality, then upholstery seams will begin to disperse during the operation.

Computer chairs are equipped with pneumatic bullets that allow you to adjust the height of the seat. If the seat is thick and the user is of medium or tall height, then a short pneumatic bullet will suffice. If you prefer a model with a hard seat, then you should prefer a chair with a long or medium gas lift.



The cross and the wheels of the computer chair are important components. Plastic crosses are not always able to cope with high loads for a long time. It is better to prefer a model with a metal crosspiece capable of withstanding a pressure of several hundred kilograms. Plastic wheels - an integral part of the modern chair. It is best if they are equipped with special rollers that protect the floor from scratches. On the other hand, if you are accustomed not to break away from the game or work for hours, you can purchase a computer chair without wheels.



Which model to prefer?

The choice of chair depends on the amount of time that it is planned to spend. Advanced computer users working on it for 4-5 hours a day should definitely make sure that the back follows the contours of the back. You can opt out of models in which the angles of the lumbar section are regulated, it is enough to change the height of the seat and the backrest angle. The chair should have a horizontal strip in the lumbar region for additional back support.



An important factor in choosing a home computer chair is its price. If you are going to spend in it all working day, then you should not save much. It is about the most expensive in the life of every person - about his health.

Children today spend a lot of time at the computer: at first they just play, then they prepare lessons and publish essays, do research work and communicate in social networks. Scientists and doctors insist that it is harmful for a child to be at the computer more than 1-2 hours a day. However, the society is developing in such a way that without this gadget we can not do. For this reason, it is worth minimizing the load on the growing body and purchase a children's computer chair that provides the maximum degree of comfort.