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Sofa accordion: features, types, design advantages (22 photos)


Modern interiors are very demanding on the selection of furniture: it should not only be harmoniously combined with other elements of the room design, but also be comfortable, functional, aesthetically appealing.



The sofa bed accordion is a fairly well-known piece of furniture that is found in every second apartment. The simplicity of the design, reliability, convenience and versatility make the soft sofa accordion demanded by buyers of any age and gender, regardless of their stylistic preferences and the size of the decorated room.



It is noteworthy that the assembled sofas with the accordion system are no different from other similar structures. But if you pull a special handle, a special transformation mechanism of the sofa will work: its back will open and a sleeping place will appear, consisting of three sections.

The sofa accordion can be placed close to the wall, it will successfully fit in both a small room and a room of considerable size.



Varieties of designs

Corner sofa with accordion mechanism must unfold. It is based on three main elements (two parts of the back and seat). The mechanism of folding sofa transformer is very simple: to turn this piece of furniture into a bed, you just pull the special handle, slightly raise the seat and push it forward.




Choosing an angular sofa accordion, you should immediately check the correctness of the work - if the transformer sticks already in the store, then it is obvious that the problem of the furniture will not disappear anywhere, but even worsen.

The sofa accordion on the metal frame is considered the most convenient and practical - this model of a transformer, due to its durability and reliability, is often chosen for decoration of living rooms and children's rooms.




Other favorites include straight sofas with accordion mechanism, equipped with a box for linen. Such pieces of furniture solve several important functional tasks in the interior:

  • suitable for large rooms in which many guests often gather (it is convenient to sit on these transformers);
  • designed for sleep;
  • allow you to store linens or other things.

A double sofa accordion is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • with it you can save a lot of space in small rooms, because the sofa accordion is suitable for sitting and sleeping;
  • There is always the opportunity to choose a modular sofa accordion, equipped with a box for laundry of different sizes;
  • a soft sofa accordion provides a smooth, comfortable, even sleeping place;
  • orthopedic sofa accordion - the best choice for children's rooms, as well as people suffering from back problems;
  • The corner sofa with the accordion mechanism is versatile and stylistically neutral, it fits well with any, even ornately decorated interior, does not stand out from the general picture;
  • The soft sofa accordion is an ergonomic, comfortable, time-tested piece of furniture that comes in various variations in terms of design (you can choose a green, black accordion sofa, with printed patterns or original pillows - a matter of taste).

How to find a suitable leather sofa accordion? There are several main criteria that should guide the purchase of furniture:

  • First of all, you should ask the sales assistant what the construction frame is made of (a double sofa accordion can have a metal or wooden base).
  • Further, it is recommended to check the working capacity of the retractable structure: the accordion should be easy to fold out, the back can be folded back, and the wheels should move freely.
  • Sofa accordion with wooden armrests should be chosen especially carefully. Since the wooden elements of the structures should be free of knots, the wood itself is well dried, preference should be given to pine or birch.
  • If we are talking about an orthopedic model, it is imperative to check the quality and strength of the sleeping mattress. It is worth paying attention to the springs (it is better if they are allocated in the so-called "independent block" and function separately from each other). Mattress filler should be natural, safe, hypoallergenic (coconut chips, polyurethane foam, holofiber).
  • The model and upholstery of a piece of furniture should be chosen on the basis of individual taste preferences, as well as in accordance with the general trends in the design of an equipped room.
  • A double sofa accordion with fabric upholstery must be equipped with Teflon impregnation covers (such a measure will protect them from rapid wear).

In order for a double sofa accordion to last as long as possible, it is recommended to follow these simple rules:

  • in the model on the metal frame should not get water;
  • Transformers with a wooden base are afraid of high temperatures, so you should not place them near batteries or other heat sources;
  • To extend the life of the sofa to the accordion, you can pre-stock up with replaceable covers - they will not only help you put off the wear of the furniture, but also allow you to diversify the interior design;
  • if you wish, you can add such a sofa with suitable chairs;
  • the place where the construction will be located is worth considering in advance - no other pieces of furniture should interfere with the layout of the transformer.

So, today the sofa accordion is considered to be a convenient, safe, compact, mobile and universal component of the interior of any style. A variety of models allows you to choose a transformer for every taste, and proper operation - to ensure this piece of furniture a long service life.