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Ceramic border in the interior of the bathroom (21 photos)


If we compare the ceramic plinth with similar products, we can conclude that it is durable and reliable. With its help you can create a tightness between the bathroom and the wall once and for all. The merits of a ceramic border is just a huge amount.



Characteristics of aesthetics

Ceramic plinth for the bathroom is well proven from an aesthetic point of view. It acts not only as a hermetic joint, but also as a decoration. The product solves several functional tasks at once.



Features of operational characteristics

  1. Ceramic baseboards for the floor does not change its color with the time of operation;
  2. Does not spoil from humidity and temperature difference;
  3. It is easy to clean, as the product does not absorb dirt and moisture.

In most cases, people consider the plinth as an additional material and practically do not spend time on its choice. Usually it is bought together with tiles and only in shade, so that they are combined. But it turns out that it is necessary to pay attention to more serious things. If you do so mediocre, then at the exit the bathroom will not look very thoughtful, and poor-quality sealing will lead to a short lifetime of the curb. There are some nuances that must be considered when choosing, so do not ignore them.

Ceramic floor plinth should be smooth, because in another case you can not stick it perfectly and smoothly.

The main types of corners

Today, there are 2 types of corners on the market. The first one is made of ceramics, and the second of glass. At the corners of glass on the back there is a special protective film that covers the glue and acts as a decorative element. It is important that this coating be of high quality, because otherwise the water from the solution will fall under it and create ugly spots and drips. However, determining the quality of this coating on the eye is very difficult. There is only one proven way - to hold the curb in the water, but this experience you will not be allowed to do in the store before you buy.



You can do this at home. If you do not like the result, then simply return the product back to the store and exchange it for another option. Of course, the appearance is also important and must match the tone of finish and blend harmoniously with it. If you buy a tile, then often you will be offered a plinth from the same series, which perfectly matches color and texture.

Laying ceramic curb involves 2 ways. The first option is to install on top of the laid tile, and the second option is to lay the ceramic plinth before beginning to tile the walls.



If you apply the second option, then you get a single, seamless picture that will look perfect and not have problem areas. In the first embodiment, everything can be done hermetically, but often there are nuances in appearance. Consider the feature of each installation technology to choose the best option for yourself.

Difficult method of installing a ceramic tile curtain. The problem is that it starts all the work on facing the walls with tiles. In order not to have a problem, it should be installed ideally smooth and level. If your walls are not quite straight, then the important point will be the location of the curb from the wall. If you install it directly to the wall, then the upper layers of the tile will have no place for glue and the wall will not be even. Therefore, it is better to entrust this question to professionals who will carry out the installation exactly according to the parameters of your room.

In this case, miscalculation and measurements are very important. After mounting the plinth, you can proceed to facing the walls. This process can be started after a day, so that the glue has time to dry.

This is the most optimal and easiest way to install a ceramic border. In this case, there is only one nuance: it is necessary to foresee a place for the glue between the bathroom and the tile, there should be a distance of about 1 cm without a tile. This is if the installation is carried out by all the rules and regulations. If this moment was initially missed, then the curb will have to be glued with silicone. This option is also quite good and is often used by repair and decoration technicians. It is not difficult to mount the slab if you have the knowledge and experience.

For beginners, this is a very difficult task, and often you have to spoil a lot of material to get an acceptable result. Naturally, scratches and chips are unacceptable here, as this will spoil the whole look of the room. To avoid them, you must start cutting the material from the back side. But even with such work there are chips, which will have to be cleaned up. It is best to use a grinder for stripping. But if it is not, then the Bulgarian with a special sticky nozzle, on which you can install sandpaper, will do. This option is especially popular. To get a sharp perfect result will not work, and therefore will definitely have to bring the tile in a quality look.