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MDF countertops for kitchen units (24 photos)


The kitchen is a fairly popular place in an apartment or house. To equip the kitchen, it is necessary to carry out a selection of the most appropriate furniture, and therefore carefully consider every detail of the interior; probably the most important kitchen object is the worktop, which is the main work area of ​​the kitchen. She should be inherent maximum convenience and attractive appearance. Nowadays kitchen worktops made of MDF or chipboard, which have a relatively low cost and maximum convenience during operation, are becoming increasingly popular. Plastic is used as a lining for these products.



Acceptable combination of high-strength surface, optimal level of hygiene, as well as protection from various influences of the kitchen contributed to the growth in demand for plastic worktops.

Kitchen countertops made of MDF or chipboard are special stoves that cover furniture cabinets from above, and also appear as a working surface for various types of activities. The basis of plastic laminated worktops is usually a particle board, and in more rare cases, a fiberboard type plate, i.e. MDF.



Also, glossy laminated chipboard can sometimes be used, where gloss is used as the main lining. In the process of manufacturing plastic is applied to MDF or particleboard using the factory method. The base receives a coating in the form of several paper layers of medium density, which are pre-impregnated with a special production composition, after which a thorough processing of the material takes place, during which the high-temperature mode is activated. In parallel, low or high pressure is applied.

As a result of this effect, the paper sheet becomes a dense coating of the monolithic look. The finished composition has very good watertightness and strength characteristics, which are very important for the countertops themselves.



The main advantages of plastic worktops

With quite optimal cost, kitchen kitchen worktops have many important advantages: comfortable operating conditions, excellent possibilities for combining. A large variety of products sold allows selection of kitchen worktops in various styles. Strong and fairly strong sealing makes it possible to protect the surface of the tabletop from the effect of swelling in the event of exposure to a certain amount of moisture. Products can also be used as kitchen coatings for extended periods of use.



The main advantages of plastic tops:

  1. Resistance to fire, as well as the heat resistance of the material - the lining of the plastic-tops can, if necessary, withstand contact with a hot pan or pan.
  2. Resistance to mechanical stress (various scratches or cracks) and various kinds of abrasions.
  3. Resilience to the effect of water vapor, as well as chemicals of an aggressive nature, and such an order has some relevance in a kitchen setting.
  4. Simplicity in the main care - plastic tabletop is not capable of absorbing dirt from the kitchen. The product is easy to clean and wash. Plastic coating does not require care with the use of special preparations.

Increased color-type stability - plastic products do not undergo a burnout process when ultraviolet rays get on them. The plastic product type HPL is created on the basis of a diverse color range, which includes about eighty shades.

The main disadvantage of plastic tops is that they are not outwardly as attractive as the products used to create natural-looking stone or decorative glass.
On the coating of plastic, which has uniform layers of paint, it is practically impossible to distinguish any scratches or abrasions. If you do not use cutting boards, then barely noticeable traces of using a knife will swell over time, and the moisture will gradually seep into the inside of the tabletop, and this leads to external deterioration of the tabletop. If you carefully use a plastic tabletop, it will be possible to increase the shelf life of the product.

In specialized stores you can find a huge variety of products, both domestic and foreign production. You can purchase a tabletop, which is made in the form of a plate.



The thickness of this tabletop reaches from twenty-eight to thirty-eight millimeters, and the length is from two to four meters, while the product has raw edges of the rear and side views.