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Bezobodkovy toilet in the interior of the bathroom (21 photos)


The quality of the plumbing depends on the cleanliness and hygiene in the bathroom. The solution was looking for a long period. Some companies have created toilets, the surface of which was covered with special coatings. The coating composition was intended to combat microorganisms. But after using chemical means for washing the toilet bowl, the coating quickly lost its properties.



The solution was found in 2019. The developers officially introduced the technology "Rimless" ("no rim"). The creators have managed to achieve high hygienic ratings of plumbing, equipped with new technology.

By design, conventional and rimless toilet are similar. The external difference is only in the absence of a rim in the "Rimless" model. In the standard model, the bezel ring serves as a guide for the flow of water. It is in this place that the largest amount of dirt and microbes accumulates. After some time after the start of operation, it becomes more difficult to monitor the cleanliness of the toilet bowl of the old model. Rust and smudges form under the bezel ring.

The bowlless toilet has many advantages:

  • Hygiene when used. In the model of this type of germs and dirt are easily removed, since there are no hard-to-reach places;
  • Practicality and ease of care. The bowlless toilet does not require frequent cleaning. The use of cleaning products and brushing is reduced to a minimum. When wiped lightly with a damp cloth, all dirt accumulations are removed;
  • Saving water. For a one-time flush in the normal model takes about 6 liters of water. In bezobodkovom - 4 l. Saving water in the operation of the new model is about 30%;
  • Aesthetic look. Most models have an aesthetic appearance. A variety of shapes and sizes allows you to choose a toilet that fits better in the design of the bathroom;
  • Environmental friendliness. Detergents and cleaners are highly allergenic. Cleaning a free-flow toilet bowl is much less common and without a large amount of aggressive chemistry;
  • Pleasant pricing. The cost of Rimless models is not much different from normal;
  • Convenience in operation. Suspended models produce less noise during operation.

Deficiencies in the operation of rimless models were not found. The exception is the individual flaws of some firms. Mainly:

  • incomplete toilet bowl;
  • improper bowl size;
  • wrong bowl depth.

The rimless models are of two types and differ in the principle of installation: a rimless toilet and a wall-hung toilet.

Plumbing of this type is installed with emphasis on the floor. Made of porcelain or earthenware. Most manufacturing companies have developed their own bidet or seat-microlift for this model. The principle of operation of the lifter is similar to the principle of operation of the door closer. The convenience of the microlift is that the lid closes smoothly and without knocking. The lifetime of the structure increases.

Electronic possess enhanced comfort. Filters have a self-cleaning function in automatic mode. They have only one drawback - a great cost.

The design of the suspension model is also called plumbing with installation. The model is new, and many have concerns about maintenance, plumbing installation and operation.



Maintenance and repair of a suspended toilet

The second question arises about the maintenance of a suspended bezdovku toilet. How to replace the drain tank when it flows? Do not have to dismantle the entire structure? Manufacturers give a guarantee on the mechanisms of toilet bowls up to 10 years. Tanks of this design have no seams, which makes it impossible for them to flow. In addition, the design is equipped with an emergency overflow system.

If it becomes necessary to replace the mechanism, it is quite easy to do this by removing the drain button. The cover-button is fixed on the gate and removed quite easily. The design is attached to the float threaded fastening connection. Easily twists and unwinds by hand.

The advantage of this type of toilet is obvious. In the floor constructions, the biggest problem is cleaning around the pipe arranged in the floor. It is not always possible to mop hard-to-reach places. It is necessary to carry out cleaning manually. This is unacceptable in public toilets. There is no such problem in the pendant model of a rimless toilet. Due to the fact that the design does not touch the floor, cleaning the bathroom is much easier.

  • choose a model that is suitable for your bathroom. For this you need to take into account the size of the room, especially the water supply to the tank of the selected device. For small spaces a compact, frameless toilet is perfect. The tank is attached directly to the bowl and does not take up additional space;
  • Read the catalogs of different manufacturers, read reviews. Choose the plumbing color to fit harmoniously into the overall bathroom interior: take into account the peculiarities of the wall decoration, the color of other plumbing fixtures;
  • decide on the presence of additional functions in the selected model of plumbing: cover-bidet or microlift.

It is better to entrust the installation of rimless toilets to experienced professionals.