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Inflatable bed - compact furniture in the interior (22 photos)


Modern inflatable bed is comfortable and convenient in operation. An elegant and cozy bed is nice to offer guests for an overnight stay. In a compact bag it is easy to take with you to the cottage or in a tent on the shore of the lake. On an air mattress, you can sleep in the new days in the new housing, waiting for the delivery of furniture. In a small apartment, he will help save space. A good help in unusual situations, this unusual furniture is inexpensive and effective.

Single and double beds are in constant demand, king-size models are also available. A simple inflatable mattress-bed has a thickness of about 20 cm. A more comfortable inflatable bed rises above the floor by 50-60 cm. It is more convenient to sit on the high bed and get up from it. The higher it is, the less it will pull from the floor with cold air.



Some models consist of two mattresses that are placed on each other and fastened with zippers or plastic snaps. The convenience of this design is that the mattresses can be used separately. For example, take one with you and leave the other at home. Developed models, where the lower part is a kind of nest, having a recess in the center, where the second mattress is inserted. It is possible to have a head restraint replacing a separate pillow, or a backrest with an adjustable angle of inclination.



How to pump the bed?

The inflatable bed is filled with air using a pump. If the pump is not included with the purchase, you will have to purchase it separately. It is allowed to use both mechanical and electric pumps. If you have several inflatable products, it is convenient and beneficial to have one pumping device for them. In addition, if the bed fails, the pump does not have to change.

Easy to use inflatable bed with built-in pump. Turn on the electric pump in the outlet, and after 2-4 minutes it will be inflated.

When the pressure inside the bed reaches the desired value, the pump stops pumping air and continues to idle. So there will be no overpressure, and the welds will not disperse from the excessive tension of the material. If the product is still inflated too tight, it is recommended to bleed the air slightly through the valve. This will make the bed softer and protect the material from premature wear.



If there is no electricity in the country or in the nature, an external mechanical pump can be connected to the built-in electric pump. Let out air from a mattress, having turned the special valve in the necessary position, and the same pump will help to deflate its remains to the last drop. Even the most high-quality inflatable bed after a while is deflated a little and loses its elasticity. In this case, it is pumped to the original state.



Design features

The material from which inflatable beds are made is thick vinyl film (PVC). Elastic and durable plastic has a long service life. On the outside is applied fluffy flock. It is pleasant to touch the velvety textile covering, and its rough structure will not allow the bed to slip onto the floor. The vinyl surface does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean. Synthetic material can be in principle of any color, but manufacturers choose quiet colors. Thanks to this, the products fit well into the surrounding interior.

The elastic bed and the correct shape of the inflatable bed retains thanks to the internal partitions. Inside the outer frameless shell are reinforcing ribs. They divide the total volume into separate air cells. Additional jumpers reinforce the design.



In more modern models, the top and bottom of the mattress are fastened from the inside with a multitude of binding ties. If the wall of the air cell bursts, an uncomfortable bulge occurs on the bed, disrupting its shape. But when individual screeds are torn, this has little effect on the structure. The more often partitions and screeds are located, the more even and elastic the bed will be.

Varieties of inflatable furniture

Simple and ergonomic design provides great opportunities for design. In addition to the usual mattresses can be purchased:

  • inflatable sofa bed with backrest and armrests;
  • convertible sofa, which easily turns into a bed;
  • an inflatable chair or a chaise lounge for giving;
  • inflatable ottoman for winter fishing.

With all the convenience of such furniture for sleeping, the main complaint of users is a short service life. Laminated vinyl, from which an inflatable bed is made, is easily pierced with scissors or another sharp object. If a cat runs around the apartment, she can quietly claw tiny holes. True, skillful owners have learned to sew protective covers made of thick fabric, and from above to cover the bed with a bedspread.

A big plus of inflatable furniture is that you can take it with you to spend the night at a party, in a tent in the woods or in a country house. The thick air gap reliably insulates from the cold floor.

The air bed is a cheap and comfortable alternative to wooden and metal furniture. She has certain disadvantages, but as a temporary means she has no equal. With careful handling, it will serve you for several years. The pleasant price, small weight, the compact sizes for certain will be to your taste.