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A bed without a headboard: stylish and fashionable (29 photos)


If now, unlike in ancient Greece, they do not produce beds for food or beds for study, this does not mean that the furniture for sleeping is monotonous and uninteresting. In the furniture salons adorn beds for one and two people, rectangular, square, round, with spring and springless mattresses; adults, teenagers and children; wooden, metal, forged, wicker, etc.



They classify beds by design and design. Allocate, for example, beds without a headboard.

What is attractive models without leg backs and headboards? There are several advantages:

  • the ability to use in the interiors of different styles: from classic to modern;
  • visual expansion of space;
  • practicality due to the presence of roomy compartments for bed linen;
  • durability: beds are reliable, strong, easy in leaving;
  • lower price: less material is required for manufacturing, and in some cases the construction is simply nowhere;
  • the space for creativity of the designer - the missing headboard can be replaced with a mass of options for decorating the sleeping space.



Still, the main reason for choosing a bed without a headboard is the desire to create a creative interior in the bedroom. For decorating used fabrics, paintings, panels, racks, etc. Back in this case, the place is not.

Beds without a headboard are of different types and modifications.



The simplest design is the base and mattress (usually in single-piece models). The frame is capitally fixed and does not move. These beds are convenient for tall people (you can increase the bed, moving to the bed, for example, a bench). In addition, they visually expand the bedroom space. Proof of the functionality of such a bed is the presence of drawers, where you can place a lot of necessary things.



Double beds without a headboard and footboard, as a rule, have a lifting mechanism - a lift on gas shock absorbers (gas lifts). He raises the base with the mattress by 40 degrees. It is easy to do this by pulling a special handle attached to the base. Inside is a roomy drawer for bed linen and other items. A bed without a headboard with a lifting mechanism can withstand a load of 200 kilograms.



The beds have a tough durable design, convenient storage, a variety of color and materials manufacturing. For example, they can be upholstered in eco-leather or made of wood or laminated chipboard in neutral colors, be traditional double or euro-standard. The use of beds with an ergonomic lifting mechanism allows you to save room space, to have additional storage space.

One of the modifications of beds with a lift is a transforming bed, quite popular recently. It is also called a bed-wardrobe, because when folded it represents a wardrobe, and when unfolded it is a full-sized bed. In such a "closet" can hide the whole two beds. Often this design is used for the arrangement of children's rooms.



Another no less original option is the furniture, which resembles a long chest of drawers in shape, which combines two or three retractable one from under the other bed. All options for transforming beds do not have headboards.



Innovation in recent years - home-made functional beds with electric drive. Using the remote you can raise and lower, as well as refract the base and mattress of the bed for ease of use. The operation of the drive is soft, silent and safe.



The latest fashion trend in the design of bedrooms has become a spherical bed, the head of which is not provided for constructively. It is clear that the interior of the room in which such a bed is installed immediately becomes non-standard. The owners are located on it freely, relax more efficiently, restore strength faster, psychologists explain this by the lack of sharp corners.



But there are drawbacks. First of all, the amount of space occupied by the bed. For small bedrooms is not suitable categorically. Secondly, the high price. Beds in the form of a low round table are still included in the experimental category, so they are custom-made, and you always have to pay for it. Well, bed linen of such an original configuration is not easy to find.



No headboard - there is a headboard

How to replace the missing headboard? Yes, anything! It is easy to choose from the mass of the existing options the original design, corresponding to the overall style decision of the bedroom. And even better - come up with yourself.

A good solution is to hang modular images or paintings at the head. The huge tree painted on the wall creates the overall impression that the sleeping ones are in the lap of nature. Another idea: the mass of frames with photos, built in the form of a huge heart.

It seems to be the last century - a beautiful carpet on the wall, and why not try?



Soft decorative pillows, in harmony with the textile design of the bedroom - is not the headboard? If they are thin, let them fill the whole space to the ceiling. Or they will rise low, but they will go beyond the width of the bed at least on one side.