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Original garlands for the New Year: 7 directions to create a festive surroundings (61 photos)


The Christmas industry offers hundreds of variations of interior decorations that can bring a magical holiday atmosphere to a home. With all their diversity, nevertheless, the garlands for the New Year, which were handmade, are valued higher. What could be more interesting than searching for materials, cutting out parts and assembling them together? Such an activity will help to bring closer to different generations, will allow in a natural, relaxed atmosphere to voice wishes for the next year, share dreams and plans.






Before you make a garland, measure the space that you plan to decorate - it will be easier to determine the required amount of materials. The latter, by the way, do not necessarily buy - in the course can go the usual household items, food supplies, which have become irrelevant garments and gifts of nature.



How to make edible interior decoration?

No one will refuse a couple of ginger cookies, and they are able to literally decorate a holiday - if they are strung on a narrow satin ribbon of scarlet or juicy green color and hung in the kitchen. To do this, when baking in the widest part of them, you need to make 2 holes with a distance of at least 1.5 cm - the link will pass through them (the cookies will be assembled not sideways, but with the front side).




Garlands made up of sweets look very beautiful - they are collected into a single composition with the help of a thick thread or fishing line tied around a wrapper. If it is planned that the product will be long, it is better to take light variations of sweets, especially if the choice fell on chocolate - so the bundle will sag less.

Coloring large pasta can be a great idea for a garland and sharing creativity with a child. When they dry up, they should be strung on a thick thread (you can use a bright yarn for knitting) so that the pasta hangs vertically. Under each hole should be tied tight knot or loop, so that the workpiece does not slide off.

If flavors are in priority, you can string dried slices of oranges, lemons, candied fruits on a thick thread - such an appetizing decoration will definitely not be overlooked!






Colorful magic snowfall - sets of felt or snowflakes

Felt snowfall is felt garlands that look like threads with circles from this material, hung vertically in the room. Need to cut circles of arbitrary size (not necessarily the same) and put together on a thick fishing line. Felt can be white and colored - both options look quite impressive, the main thing is to leave the distance between the elements, then they will soar in the air like light snowfall in calm weather.

If the household likes to cut snowflakes, the whole family can do holiday decoration - to make the maximum number of openwork blanks and strung them into a garland.

You can hang the line both horizontally and vertically: in the first case you will create a traditional decoration for the New Year with your own hands, in the second a colorful snowfall will be formed. For the manufacture of snowflakes, you can use not only special paper, which is sold in stores for home creativity, but also table napkins, plain notebook sheets - the ruler will not be noticeable in an elegant lace pattern.




In search of a pair - a garland in the nursery

To decorate a children's room with an original garland for the New Year, you should stock up in lost pair:

  • woolen or knitted socks of bright colors;
  • mittens;
  • gloves;
  • stockings.

Also here already unnecessary hats for toddlers and other similar children's paraphernalia will be useful. All items need to be sewn to a thick cord, alternating with tassels and pom-poms, Christmas-tree or simple toys. If there are no such items in the household, look in the shops for children: often before the holidays they arrange sales of small items, during this period you can buy a pack of mittens / gloves for a penny.





It is not necessary to hang such a garland under the ceiling - you can stretch it between the columns of the bed, including the parent.

Decor of disposable plastic cups

The new year will not be complete if you do not devote time to decorating with garlands, flashing and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, living room or bedroom. To transform the already annoying combination of light bulbs, you can use such a cheap disposable packaging. For decorating cups any material can be useful:

  • fabric with an interesting thematic ornament;
  • rhinestones, sequins, beads;
  • color paper;
  • foil;
  • lace, braid, ribbon;
  • napkins for decoupage.

The glue should be such that after drying it retains its transparency, the cups are also desirable to choose the most simple of translucent plastic.












If you have access to the gifts of nature, you can make a volume garland for the New Year 2019 with your own hands from fir paws. This decor can be fixed on the stair railing, hung on the walls, decorate the windows - spread out on the window sills. To connect the components, in this case they use strong twine and glue for fidelity; Christmas balls, tinsel, and beautiful ribbons serve as bright notes on a green background.

From the dried cones you can also collect a wonderful composition. Each of them must be provided with an eyelet:

  • the easiest way is to skip the rope through the scales and leave the tail;
  • if there is a drill, a hole is carefully made with a narrow drill, a drop of glue is placed in it plus a compact screw with a loop at the end.

Cones can be covered with sequins using transparent glue, decorate with rhinestones. Then they are strung on a twine, fixing in place with auxiliary knots (in this way they will not slide and gather in a heap). An even more beautiful garland can be made by alternating cones with fancy Christmas-tree toys.








Brightness and weightlessness - compositions of thread balls

Such an idea for a garland came to us from the East, where for every major holiday it is customary to decorate the streets and houses with lanterns and colored balloons. Making such a garland for the New Year with your own hands is not at all difficult; the technique does not require much financial expenditure. You will need:

  • multi-colored floss threads or similar in thickness, mixed residues of yarn will do;
  • air balloons;
  • PVA glue and colorless varnish;
  • vaseline or cream;
  • shallow bowl;
  • decorative elements - beads, sparkles, rhinestones;
  • string or lamp festoon.

The first stage is ballooning, they will serve as a frame, they should also be greased with a cream so that the threads do not stick. Next, you need to pour the glue into the bowl and, dipping the thread, wrap the balls with yarn. When the entire surface is covered with thread, the base must be hung to dry, and until it has dried, you should start decorating - lay out an ornament of shiny components. When the thread winding is completely dry, the rubber ball should be pierced and carefully removed.

Finished crafts can be strung on a string or to complement the existing factory garland, putting balls on the light bulbs.








A variety of Christmas garlands of colored paper

A paper Christmas garland for the New Year is a traditional festive interior decoration, especially if there are children in the house. Everyone remembers the colorful chains, assembled from strips of little rings, which were performed at school in the classroom for work. And who has not forgotten how to make "flashlights", cutting in a whole the whole sheets of colored paper?

Of course, we can repeat such masterpieces at home with our children. Volumetric Christmas trees made of paper are a bit more laborious: you need to cut out several identical parts along the stencil, fold them along and glue them in halves, alternately connecting them with each other.

If you make certain bends on the blanks, you can make bulging stars out of paper with your own hands, they are also offered using the origami technique.








Armed with a stapler and paper stripes, it is easy to make a garland of hearts: the beginning of one heart will be the middle of the next. If you simultaneously use several strips of different lengths, the elements of the composition will be multi-layered.

When it is difficult to give preference to any one stylistics, it is possible to assemble "assorted" or a garland of components created during family creativity - strung together with origami figures, light Christmas decorations, snowflakes, and volumetric spruces. Let everyone take part in the process - then at the festive table you can look at the decorations and be glad that everyone could leave a piece of good wishes in it.