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Storage of bikes without damage to the interior: interesting solutions


Bicycle - a unique invention of mankind. Very often we use this simulator while being on active rest, and often we are faced with the question of its storage, especially when the season of its use comes to an end. This is not by chance, because our iron friend needs proper care, one of the components of which is its storage.



Let's try to figure out what is bike storage in conditions, for example, in winter time. There are actually plenty of options, but not all of them can choose the ideal one, since they do not take the matter too seriously. Just about these options and will be discussed below.

Most amateurs, as a rule, leave their bicycles in the enclosed space of the entrance or use a hall or balcony for this purpose. All this, of course, is not bad, but this is a lost dwelling space, which, if desired, can be used more rationally. And here it is worth noting that the existing special storage systems for bicycles should be studied immediately after the acquisition of a “cycle-friend”. Thus, you not only protect your bike from external negative impact, keeping it for many years, but also understand that such a neighborhood doesn’t bother you at all.



Harmful factors for storage

Choosing the right place to store your bike, you need to know that not every corner you set aside for this purpose will be ideal for your well-being. Harmful factors in this case are:

  • Temperature drops. Each temperature change from low to high (dramatic warming or turning on the heaters) contributes to the formation of condensate on the metal parts of the unit. Even a slight change in temperature contributes to the appearance of invisible microcracks on the paintwork, as well as on plastic and rubber products.
  • Sunlight. Exposure to ultraviolet rays contributes to the gradual destruction of plastic and rubber parts. They become brittle, losing their elasticity, the paintwork becomes discolored.
  • Moisture released by rotting vegetables. Storing a bike in the cellars, as well as in the warehouses of vegetables, also leads to disastrous consequences for almost all its components.

So, bike storage, as you already understood, is not the last thing. And for a start, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, and at the same time get acquainted with a number of necessary rules that will help save a two-wheeled friend.

Bicycle storage on the balcony

As a rule, some cyclists place a bicycle on the balcony for the whole winter. And this seems to be normal, but it is worth remembering that winter storage in the frost is a temperature difference, high humidity, which can contribute to micro-breaks not only of plastics, but also of mechanisms and rubber. The bright sun contributes to the fading of the bike and the deterioration of the quality of tires. Therefore, storage of a bicycle on the balcony is possible only if it is glazed. You can also use a special case for storing a bicycle or a cape. The exception is not the sunny side.




Of course, there are "inventors" who use such a method as storing a bicycle on a wall of a house, using hooks or something else. But it is even worse than on the open balcony.




Bicycle Storage Room

There are some lovers who do not shy away from living together with a bicycle in the room. If desired, it can always be shown to guests at home. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the style of the room should not be disturbed by such a neighborhood. You can, for example, use the techniques of foreign designers who know firsthand what are the ideas of storing bicycles today. While placing the iron friend in the house, it is worth remembering that close proximity to heating devices due to dry air and sufficiently high temperature may adversely affect the tires and plug seals.

No matter how strange it may sound, but a variety of light transport will be ideally stored under the bed or under the sofa. This method, among other things, will help to perfectly preserve the space of the room.



Types of bicycle fasteners on the wall

The bike is a fairly flat unit, so it can be easily placed on the wall at a certain height from the floor. Properly organized fasteners and bike storage in the winter will be convenient and aesthetic. Here are several types of this device:

  • Hook fastener;
  • Fasteners for horizontal storage;
  • Fasteners for vertical storage;
  • Fasteners for a bike with a shelf;
  • Special hook for mounting on the ceiling;
  • Rack for the bike.

The diversity of these types is not accidental, since the interiors of apartments are far from the same type, as are the preferences of bicycle owners. And this means that their careful study will help to cope with such a problem as seasonal storage of bicycles in the conditions of modern life.




Ideal places to store your bike

Summarizing all the above, I would like to note that the options for storing a bicycle are quite diverse. This can be not only a glazed balcony or a loggia, but also such an option as keeping a bicycle in the garage if there is enough free space. Although if you wish, you can hang the unit on the hook, hammered into either the wall or the ceiling. You can make some kind of mount with your own hands from plastic or wood, so as not to scratch the frame in the process of hanging or to hang the unit with the help of the bracket purchased in the store.



Shops offer affordable special hangers in the form of hooks, as well as more expensive racks. By the way, the design in the form of a rack is quite strong and allows you to save space both in the living room and in the garage.