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Inflatable chair in the interior: types and possibilities of use (23 photos)


This furniture attracts due to its lightness, it can be quickly rearranged to the desired point of the apartment. An inflatable chair is usually used as needed, during idle periods it is stored in a deflated, rolled-up form. Often it replaces the bed, besides it is indispensable at a picnic, relaxing by the pool or other body of water.




Reasons to buy inflatable furniture

First of all, the products are relevant when it is necessary to quickly create additional sleeping or seating places in the house. There are two types of exterior coatings: smooth and rough (velor). The first is typical for models that can be used for swimming, when folded they are compact, and if they are inflated they need a level place for installation, any stones or mote can pierce the thin starting material. Rough compositions are more dense, they can also be used in nature, but contact with water is not desirable here (the chair will dry out for a very long time).



A very popular inflatable transforming chair, which due to simple manipulations quickly turns into a bed.



For example, they are in demand among newlyweds who did not have time to get a stationary bed. Products will help out when they unexpectedly came to visit - such an overnight stay will be quite comfortable. At other times, the product can be stored in any nook: on the mezzanine, in a closet or closet.



The highlight of the interior can be an inflatable bag seat, which, thanks to an interesting performance, is also in demand among progressive young people and among sensible older generations. It is deliberately pumped up to the end, so that it literally envelops the seated person. Let it be easy, but able to withstand up to 100 kg. Popular for children is the coloring of a soccer ball, but there are also more restrained combinations that can complement any interior.




Options suitable for swimming

In addition to the universal models for the home, articles on which you can swim in a pond are very popular. When disassembled, they are similar in design to a chaise longue, but they cannot be floated on, because they are unstable, they can easily roll over. If you want to lower the inflatable chair into the water, you should purchase a model with a flat bottom, armrests and bumpers. It can serve as a bed, while you can take it with you to rest.



Key selection criteria

If an inflatable seat is purchased as a bed, the main factor is its height in an inflated, but unassembled condition (several blocks are subsequently placed on each other). When this figure does not exceed 30 cm, the product turns into a mattress, if more - a full bed is formed.

The most common base material for manufacturing is polyvinyl chloride. You need to be careful when buying a PVC inflatable chair from Chinese manufacturers, as they often add strength to the additive, but not always safe for health. On the labeling of the product is always prescribed maximum load, and if you adhere to this indicator, the bed will serve for a long time.



When inflatable transformable furniture is purchased as an extra bed, special attention should be paid to its surface. With a smooth "background" sheet will slide. There are quilted variations of chair coverings (they create an orthopedic effect), it is very convenient to rest on them, since they contribute to complete relaxation.




What could be the pump?

This tool is necessary in order to quickly pump up an inflatable chair, and usually it comes in the box:

  • large copies of the seats have a built-in unit, so they can not be used in water;
  • mechanical variations can be manual and foot;
  • There are also more convenient electrical modifications that make furniture maintenance easier at home.

Every year, inflatable products are becoming more and more popular, manufacturers offer a wide range of products, which leads to a gradual decrease in prices. Finally, with proper selection and careful use, you can significantly increase the operational life of inflatable transformers.