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Fireplaces from the boxes: beautiful decor for the New Year holidays do it yourself (51 photos)


It is not a secret for anyone that not only purchased garlands and tinsel often help to create a cozy and festive atmosphere in the house, but also the creative makings of apartment owners, especially if they have skilled hands and cardboard attached to them. Today we will talk about how to make a New Year's fireplace out of the box with your own hands, without spending a lot of time, effort and money on it.







Before undertaking the manufacture of an artificial fireplace made of cardboard, it is necessary to determine its location in the house. The geometric shape of the workpiece, the amount of material used and the complexity of the work performed will depend on this factor. So, what we can build from improvised means, namely, out of the box, for example, from the TV:

  • The construction of the wall type. This is when one side of the product is in close contact with one of the living room walls (nursery, bedroom, kitchen - it does not matter, the choice is yours).
  • Corner fireplace out of the box. At first glance, it seems that such tasks are not on the shoulders of beginners, but after reading the instructions below, you will understand that the process of creating them is quite simple and understandable even to those who have never done home decor.
  • The so-called Christmas hearth is an amazingly beautiful piece, creating a festive atmosphere no less than a fluffy Christmas tree or the smell of tangerines. With the subtleties of its design, you can get acquainted at the very end of the article.

If you are not confident in your abilities, start with the simplest. Try to make a wall decorative fireplace from small boxes first.









How to make a false fireplace out of cardboard?

To begin with, of course, it is necessary to prepare the tools and materials that you will need in your work. Remove from the pantry old large box. It may be a packaging from a washing machine, a plasma TV or a refrigerator. Remove residues of adhesive tape, dust and dirt from its surfaces, check integrity. Now search for the following attributes:

  • A sheet of paper, pencil ruler or marker. We have combined these items into one group, since you will use them during the creation of the sketch. Do not take up work without a pre-planned plan, because a well-done drawing is half the success.
  • Stationery knife. He will need, of course, for cutting the workpiece in places difficult for scissors.
  • Masking tape This is a great alternative to our usual adhesive tape, because the composition is applied on a paper base. It is easier to work with her, she quickly removes and leaves no trace behind.
  • Foam borders and plinths. Surely they remained with you after the last repair. It's time to use them to decorate your hearth.
  • Special glue for joining fireplace elements. Most often, our compatriots choose the means of the Moment trademark, although if you are not a fan of these products, buy a product from any other manufacturer.
  • Aqueous emulsion white paint or putty. The instructions will mention exactly white color, but you can use any other tone as a basis.
  • Brush and sponge. These tools will help us apply coloring compositions evenly and smoothly.

Do you want to have a fireplace out of the box in your house, but you don’t have a suitable package? Do not despair, in the nearest store you can take a few small boxes and glue them together.







Ten steps to success

You still do not know how to make a fireplace out of the boxes? Then we invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for creating a unique home decor for your own hands.

  1. On paper, make a drawing of a future homemade hearth. On the websites devoted to needlework, hundreds of options are laid out every year, from which it is easy to choose the right one for your apartment. Be sure to note in your picture the dimensions of the parts.
  2. Transfer the layout to the cardboard box. For convenience and understanding, draw all auxiliary lines with a pencil, and the main lines - with a pen or marker.
  3. At the bottom of the workpiece with a sharp stationery knife or cutter make a rectangular hole. It is in this part of the structure that the fire will burn. Gently glue all the cut elements to the back of the fireplace. If you chose a very large box as a base, then remove all the excess as superfluous.
  4. For further finishing, remove previously prepared skirting boards and curbs. Many often replace them with self-adhesive wallpaper, film or tracing paper. Measure the length of the product and cut the baseboard so that the cut has an angle of 90 degrees. This will help create rectangular or square compositions.
  5. Stick the elements to the box in the order you chose according to the drawing. Finish corners too with products from polyfoam that the fireplace made by own hands looked more presentably and elegantly. Observe symmetry and do not be tempted to stick as much decor as possible. There must be harmony in everything.
  6. The plinth can be glued to the upper part. Such a solution will help create a shelf. Later you will put candles, statues on it and hang Christmas stockings.
  7. Place a cardboard cut-out base for the shelf in the resulting space. Fireplace of cardboard boxes is almost ready.
  8. Now that the base is fully prepared, it's time to start painting. Usually for these purposes water based paint is used. Be prepared for the fact that the first layer will be imperfect, so after complete drying of the composition once again, go over all surfaces with a brush. In hard-to-reach places use a sponge. To achieve the effect of artificially aged coating, apply a plasterboard for drywall. Then the final chord will be a building dryer, which will give the composition the desired look.
  9. Install the fireplace in the right place. So that it fits snugly to the wall, below, make special notches for the floor baseboards.
  10. Now work on decorating the space reserved for the hearth. Here you can glue the image of fire, impose firewood prepared earlier, arrange candles or lay a garland. The choice of accessories is based solely on your imagination.

In order for the product to serve you for a long time, before starting work, do not forget to glue the bottom of the box with adhesive tape.







In your apartment a little free space, but you really want to make the room cozy with an artificial fireplace? Come to the aid of angular structures, easily fit anywhere. They do not "eat" a useful living space, but at the same time they look very impressive and even luxurious. When creating such a masterpiece, the following important points should be considered:

  • To facilitate your own work, choose as the basis cardboard boxes that will correspond to the parameters of the corner space.
  • A suitable location can only be called when you place a blank there and make sure that the fireplace does not interfere with the free movement around the room.
  • Make a sketch in advance and clearly follow the plan, otherwise the result of the work may cause more negative emotions than positive ones.




Step-by-step instruction

  1. In the front wall of the selected cardboard packaging, make a cut in the shape of a semicircle so that the cut element of the fireplace can be bent inward. At the top of this part you need to "saw through" two arcs. As a result, the structure folded inwards should resemble a triangle.
  2. Fix the result with masking tape or glue.
  3. Now work with the back wall. Cut off part of the side so that the design form completely repeats the parameters of the space. Walls are connected with scotch tape.
  4. Go to the decoration. Of course, you can paint the surface in the desired color, but we recommend to paste over the fireplace with self-adhesive wallpaper, the design of which imitates brickwork. Bricks are the perfect solution, since the shape here is already non-standard, and this ornament will add originality and refinement to your construction.
  5. For the top shelf, use a sheet of plywood or a blank consisting of several layers of cardboard. Paint the product "under the tree" or paste it with special paper.






New Year's fireplace out of the box

During the holidays a special atmosphere reigns in the houses. It is created by a special attribute: a Christmas tree, garlands, toys, tinsel, rain, wreaths and other decorative elements. If you make a New Year's fireplace with your own hands out of cardboard boxes, it will become a source of pride and an object of attraction for all households. Around him, you can gather in a close family circle and give each other gifts. Turn the Christmas holidays into a real celebration that your children will remember for the rest of their lives!

To make yourself a building called the New Year's Eve, prepare three boxes - two of them must be the same size, and the third one is slightly larger than your fellows. It is not difficult to guess that the latter will be in the center, and small packages - on the edges.









Make a few mounts at the top and hang up the red stockings for gifts. Put candles, figurines of Santa Claus or Santa Claus, deer, snowmen and other New Year characters on the shelf. Decorate everything with beads and tinsel, bells, candies and balls. Next put a gorgeous Christmas tree. If you prefer an artificial version, buy a bottle of coniferous extract in a pharmacy. Lightly sprinkling them branches, you instantly feel the aroma that exude these trees.