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Garden chairs: comfortable outdoor recreation (22 photos)


In the garden, in the country or in the village, in those places where we work and relax, garden chairs are needed as much as at home. Their assignment is the same: sit on them with the whole family or with friends, eat barbecue. You can invite guests, sit with them, chat.



But the conditions at the cottage are completely different from the home ones, so the requirements for garden furniture are completely different. First, the aesthetic beginning: pieces of furniture must fit into the natural "interior" of your site. It is possible that those models that look good in your kitchen will be inappropriate in the garden.



Features of garden chairs

Requirements for garden chairs corresponds to the conditions in which they will be used. They should be:

  • comfortable and for eating at the table, and for relaxing;
  • durable, good quality;
  • they should wash easily;
  • better if the table and chairs are foldable, convenient for transportation.

Models of chairs for giving are various, folding furniture (tables, chairs) can become one of successful options. If the issue of storage space is relevant for you, then you can try to solve it in this way.

Folding chair is different not only in that it can be removed for storage without problems. Folding chairs are often very light, some of them are specially made for hiking, where every gram counts.

When we speak about furniture for a summer residence and, in particular, about chairs, we mean often different concepts. There are outdoor chairs that are open-air for the entire season. There is - for a country house, they are not afraid of changes in weather conditions. They can even be upholstered, like at home.



Outdoor chairs should have the following features:

  • to be light, so that when there is a danger of rain, hail, even children have the opportunity to carry them under the roof;
  • instead of classic legs - support;
  • the absence of decorative elements that are destroyed under the influence of adverse weather conditions;
  • the materials from which outdoor chairs are made should be easy to wash and clean;
  • convenient for storage.

Even if you have a lot of space at the dacha, think about whether it will be possible to place all the chairs purchased in a safe place? If this difficulty has stopped you, then look at the folding and stackable models.



Lightweight stackable models were created specifically for street cafes and bars. They are inserted one into the other and occupy the same area as one chair. Although in the vertical row there may be 50 pieces. The next advantage is the material. These chairs are often made of plastic, which is sufficient to rinse out of a hose, and it already glitters. Plastic furniture is also the cheapest purchase option.



If the previous model was borrowed from a cafe, then a folding chair is originally a villa idea. Lightweight, durable, does not take a lot of meta during storage, such a chair consists of some advantages.

The garden chair is a furniture accessory, irreplaceable both in the street, and in the house. Take shelter from the rain, sit with a book in your hands (or tablet), dine in the kitchen, finally. Almost everything is at home, that is, in a city apartment. But not really.




Cottage - a place where a person, regardless of whether he works there or rests, comes to change the situation. The country house is a place where the person has a rest soul. Wooden chairs and tables are the best fit for this purpose. The main advantages of natural wood furniture:

  • conveys an atmosphere of comfort and warmth;
  • out of fashion trends at all times;
  • does not harm health, natural material;
  • characterized by high strength;
  • harmonizes with all materials;
  • fits into any interior, in any color scale.

Applying these criteria when choosing furniture for your garden plot, you will definitely be able to choose comfortable models for yourself. You should not forget that the country chair is a beautiful and comfortable element of a garden decor which should like you to the full.